Secure Web Hosting

One way of combating these hackers is by using the Secure Sockets Layer or SSL.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encrypted technology that prevents websites against online frauds and Phishing. Usually attackers attack on confidential information that a user carries on a shopping site. SSL enhances security of the site and offer trustworthiness to users. SSL removes the fear from the mind of the visitor. SSL saves from the theft of monetary information, data theft, data pirating, phishing, and other web frauds. The demand for SSL is increasing due to the spread of online technology people now feels comfortable with online shopping. Many online businesses are running now over the internet hence; it is an important to carry out secure environment for users, who deal on your site with a trust that their information will remain confidential.

file000877350226The SSL certificate is emerged certificate authority after authenticating the organization. They kept records of enterprise with a defined process. SSL certificates are compatible with 99% of all browsers. There had a survey held evincing that about 70% visitors showing no interest in websites who have no SSL security. SSL establishes a tunnel between the browser and a user to pass the information securely in an encrypted mode hence attackers will not recognize it. How a visitor knows the website is a secure site. It is most important to find the tips to check an SSL secured.

Confirm the URL of the website: The web page address starts with HTTP, but if the site has a digital security, then it will start with HTTPS.

Pad Lock: A lock icon is actively displayed anywhere in the window of browser either in the lower left or right corner of the browser.

Green Address Bar: If an organization has adopted a standard SSL certificate, then the address bar will be of Blue color, and if an organization has adopted an extended validation certificate (EV), then it will surely show a green color address bar.

Certificate Information: If a visitor likes to detect the information about the SSL certificate, then just click on the padlock and the visitor will detect the data about the certificate like serial key, certificate authority, and validity period.

Hence, by confirming the above step user may find peace of mind and reassure himself about the monetary transactions. SSL can enhance the goodwill of an organization and traffic on the site and establishes confidence of a visitor, which creates more sale and profit. SSL is really a successful technology.