AMD Updates Roadmaps for Zen 3, 5nm, and RDNA2, the GPU Powering Xbox Series X, PS5


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AMD has launched a comprehensive vision doc/roadmap for its assorted products right throughout the following couple of years. There’s a huge deal of enormous info about what the firm’s plans are and what products it intends to start through 2022, so let’s device stop a gape:

First, the rumors that AMD would pass Zen 3 to 5nm had been disproven by a lag from AMD:

As anticipated, Zen 3 is a 7nm chip, whereas Zen 4 is 5nm. With a conventional one-three hundred and sixty five days cadence between launches and with Zen 3 anticipated to start spherical Q4, we must composed, which capacity truth, demand a slack 2021 / early 2022 debut for Zen 4. The roadmap doc implies a start ahead of 2022, however an early 2022 debut at or spherical CES would composed fulfill the doc successfully ample.

AMD is composed doubling down on the foundation that RDNA2 shall be a 1.5x uplift over RDNA. AMD’s promises of GPU performance enhancements haven’t continuously materialized as successfully as their CPU enhancements have, however RDNA delivered the approach it promised relative to the RX500 family, and a 1.5x growth in performance-per-watt would attend Navi 2 compete with anticipated GPUs from Nvidia’s Ampere family. A 2.25x growth in performance per watt over GCN (1.5x 1.5x) may perhaps perhaps be a agreeable total form for a single node transition, even if it took several years to pronounce the approach.

We’ve considered some hints of what RDNA2 is qualified of from the console demos and discussions that have already surfaced, love the Unreal-powered subsequent-gen gaming engine demos from several weeks in the past. The specs on the Xbox Sequence X and PlayStation 5 gift that Microsoft and Sony had been both aggressive on GPU frequency and functionality, with Microsoft potentially pushing the envelope even farther than its Japanese rival. We demand RDNA2 to pass both PC and console gaming forward — and with your complete PC and console alternate supporting ray tracing after these launches, we’ll probably eye more ray tracing-enabled games as successfully.

Devour RDNA, RDNA2 is a 7nm structure. RDNA3 is described as shipping by 2022 on an “Developed node,” implying AMD also can lead with GPUs at 5nm as it did on 7nm. AMD’s CDNA roadmap will discover the RDNA playbook at a prolong, with CDNA2 transferring to compute graphics handiest in 2021 on 7nm. No 5nm “Developed node” transition is confirmed on the doc. CDNA2 debuts with third-expertise Infinity Fabric:

The fundamental facets AMD is talking about factual now for IF3 embody plump cache coherency across loads of GPUs with up to eight playing cards affected, however we’d be a great deal surprised if Gen 3 didn’t introduce some original enhancements to energy efficiency and bandwidth allocation across the CPU as successfully. There’s no label AMD will pass away from its original chiplet-essentially based methods of transferring files spherical the CPU, however further tweaks to toughen energy consumption and latency are probably.

The doc is light on any anticipated changes to Epyc, however Genoa (Zen 4) is anticipated by the terminate of 2021 as successfully, implying a immediate turn-spherical time between desktop and server. As for the impact of these changes, they’ve paid fundamental dividends in two of AMD’s three markets:

AMD’s claims on this lag don’t fully discover the guidelines we’ve reported from other corporations that also discover x86 market share. The claim of 16.9 p.c market share in client for 2019 aligns with Mercury Study reporting that found AMD with a 17.1 p.c market share in Q1 and Q2 of that three hundred and sixty five days, however the server claims don’t match the least bit, even with the “Excludes IoT” caveat:


Data by Dean McCarron, Mercury Study. Chart by ExtremeTech

With that acknowledged, there are reasons to assume AMD’s server division is performing successfully. Epyc’s high core counts and total performance have obtained AMD fresh alternate from feeble companions and fairly a few buyer curiosity. Accurate through AMD’s Q1 conference name, it reported $348M for the Enterprise, Embedded, and Semicustom alternate unit, whereas asserting console revenues made up a negligible segment of the segment this time spherical. This means that the enterprise GPU and CPU alternate combined are at this time worth about $350M — small, to operate certain, however higher than the approximately $0 in server CPU sales AMD changed into once recording in the slack Piledriver expertise.

It’s now not obvious the place AMD’s market share files is coming from on this lag, however I attain agree that the total trajectory is excellent.

The Gigantic Whisper

Scuttlebutt says that for AMD, 2020 is more about GPU refreshes and console launches than fundamental leaps forward in CPU perf, even though we’ll eye what Ryzen refreshes and the Zen 3 start offer later this three hundred and sixty five days. We don’t demand to perceive core depend jumps in 2020 — AMD has pushed the need of cores in a mainstream PC from 4C/8T to 16C/32T in only three years, and gear builders need time to adapt to those changes.

The Ryzen Cellular start earlier this spring set up the firm on the factual foot for the remainder of the three hundred and sixty five days, and Zen 3 also can start against Intel’s Rocket Lake slack this descend, however AMD’s 2020 appears to be like to be like to be more centered on console launches and GPU share as against aggressively pushing CPU core counts or clock speeds. Neutral since the firm isn’t making noise about original products doesn’t point out it isn’t quietly winning market share.

One of many advantages of competing against corporations love Intel and Nvidia, which dominate their respective server markets for CPU and GPU, is that any amount of market share AMD can seize represents a serious form. Engaging from 5 to 10 p.c market share is headline files for AMD, whereas shooting 80 p.c versus 85 p.c of the CPU/GPU server market isn’t as huge of a social capture for Intel or Nvidia.

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This house also can make affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Phrases of utilize.

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