AMD’s Rumored 4700G APU Packs 8 Cores, Boosted Clock Speeds


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AMD’s Ryzen Mobile CPUs hit the market to about a fanfare earlier this One year, handing over substantially improved total performance over outdated generation chips and extremely sturdy competition for Intel on the total.

It’s been glaring that AMD would bring this APU household to desktop as effectively, alternatively it looks esteem the CPU in quiz can be rather aggressive. Rumors counsel that the Ryzen 4700G is an 8C/16T CPU with a frightful clock of 3.6GHz, a enhance clock of 4.45GHz, 4MB of L2, 8MB of L3, and a 2.1GHz maximum GPU clock, all packed real into a 65W TDP.

Would possibly perchance perchance it is moral? It’ll be. Grain of salt, and many others. But a hurry esteem this isn’t crazy, relative to how AMD has been evolving the total Ryzen product household.


Ever since Intel and AMD launched on-die graphics, they’ve pursued very diversified methods. Intel positioned on-die graphics on almost about every CPU, out of doors of servers and the desktop HEDT household. The “KF” CPUs it now sells without graphics were handiest launched to toughen yields real thru a crucial CPU scarcity. AMD, on the choice hand, always reserved its on-die GPU for a puny alternative of CPUs. Ever since it launched Llano, AMD has pursued a two-tier technique with a CPU-handiest desktop platform with an even bigger total alternative of cores to boot to an APU technique with fewer CPU cores but legit on-die GPUs.

This rumor suggests that AMD may well perhaps perhaps make graphics fashioned on all parts below the 16-core stage. It’s perilous how grand of a trace-add this represents to in vogue customers. APU graphics are indubitably treasured for 2 reasons: You can not lose fetch admission to to a system merely due to your GPU dies, and you may well perhaps perhaps also tear multi-show screen configurations more readily whenever you may well perhaps perhaps well also have a constructed-in GPU. Comparatively few folks, alternatively, gain themselves in dire need of both functionality on the habitual.

Supposedly, the GPU onboard the Ryzen 7 4700G can be an 8-CU Vega chip with 512 cores in total, clocked at a blazing 2.1GHz. That’s extremely hasty for an onboard APU, even though clocking up that high can handiest make a puny amount of sense due to memory bandwidth limitations. The Ryzen 7 4700G will indubitably shine with excessive-tempo memory — APUs always invent — however the rather excessive trace of RAM as you hurry up the clock charts always makes this investment an perilous proposition.

Looking out on how AMD distributes and prices for the original Vega graphics core, these original APUs will also be a noteworthy performance improvement on the faded, especially for these that are basically CPU-centered. AMD may well perhaps perhaps additionally be planning a preemptive response to any adjustments Intel may well perhaps perhaps make to its non-public desktop graphics with future CPU launches.

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This position may well perhaps perhaps save affiliate commissions from the links on this internet page. Terms of employ.

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