Apple Mac, iPad Production May Be Slowed by Ongoing Chip Shortages


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Now that we’re about 6 months into the ongoing semiconductor shortage, the periodic updates coming in about which firms will be having delays and slowdowns next have taken on some thing of a program air. This time, it is Apple’s transform at the dunking trough.

Apple’s remarkable supply line administration techniques have buffered it from concerns to day, but the corporation is beginning to have issues sourcing specific very low-level areas, according to Nikkei Asia. This dovetails effectively with a tale in Bloomberg, a short while ago, which discussed how a shortage in $one display drivers is causing problems in all places. (In this context, a show driver is an integrated hardware circuit used to control and function a exhibit, not a piece of application.)

Whilst we’ve centered on high-profile GPU and CPU shortages, these are not the parts that are maintaining the entire semiconductor industry bottlenecked. As Bloomberg writes, “People caught at household began shopping for know-how — and then kept getting. They ordered superior desktops and more substantial shows so they could operate remotely. They obtained their children new laptops for distance mastering. They scooped up 4K televisions, activity consoles, milk frothers, air fryers and immersion blenders to make lifestyle beneath quarantine far more palatable. The pandemic turned into an prolonged Black Friday onlinepalooza.”


This has direct relevance to a quote in Nikkei Asia:

“We truly really don’t see an close to this scarcity, and points could be even even worse, searching in advance to the end of the June quarter, as some more compact tech players could run out of some important inventories to construct their merchandise and require to scale again creation,” explained Wallace Gou, president and CEO of Silicon Movement.

There’s no report that this will affect any particular Apple launches or next-era goods. For now, the impression is squeezing Apple but not its clients.

There Are Two Semiconductor Shortages, Not One

There are, efficiently, two ongoing semiconductor shortages. One of them fears major-edge chips developed by TSMC and Samsung. This is the scarcity that’s impacted players and Personal computer fans the most. It is the purpose Ampere and RDNA2 GPUs, AMD CPUs, and each new consoles from Sony and Microsoft are hard to locate. This scarcity is nonetheless connected to some downstream bottlenecks in component output, but it has an effect on the major-stop semiconductor products transport today.

The next shortage is in tiny chips developed on mature course of action nodes. These are the $1 methods Bloomberg is talking about, and they’re mostly built on older fab strains operate with legacy 200mm fab tools. The 200mm fab organization was meant to be almost moribund by now, which is why firms setting up phasing the more compact wafers out about 10 several years in the past.

But the predicted creation fall-off never ever took place. As an alternative of retiring 200mm capability on previous nodes, companies continued to use them. These foundry nodes are extended since depreciated and totally optimized for developing the fundamental chips, which can cost much less than a buck. Ramping up on new lines with higher ability and larger wafer sizes would significantly improve costs. Gear suppliers have scrambled to capture up with this unanticipated require for 200mm ability, but since the require wasn’t anticipated, there was an inevitable hold off baked into the approach. The 200mm fab condition was managing pretty restricted even prior to the pandemic kicked in, as this February 20, 2020 tale from SemiEngineering discusses.

Nikkei studies that Apple is delaying some ingredient orders from H1 2021 to H2 2021, but that it hasn’t had to make customer-struggling with alterations to its business still. It’ll be information if the enterprise does, if only for the reason that Apple, with its hyper-optimized source chain, has generally been largely immune to this kind of issues.

A client-impacting bottleneck at Apple, if just one were to emerge, would emphasize just how unconventional the present condition is. Significantly of the purpose the vehicle field finds itself up the proverbial creek devoid of a paddle is that vehicle companies attempt to keep away from stockpiling parts at all charges, although the semiconductor marketplace is incapable of turning unprocessed wafers into completed chips in just a day or two. Mix long guide times with just-in-time stock, and you have received a recipe for catastrophe. Toyota has managed to stay away from the worst of the shortages mainly because it mandates that suppliers carry stock, but even Toyota has been relatively affected by ongoing challenges.

Current prognosis: midrange CPU shortage easing (Acer), GPU shortages worsening (MSI, Asus), with the typical semiconductor lack now forecast to perhaps previous into Q1 2022. Foxconn expects shortages to carry on by Q2 2022, however the company isn’t forecasting an huge influence on its possess enterprise.

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