BIOS update – how to safely update Gigabyte, MSI, Asus, or ASRock firmware


Computer system not functioning as it should? Possibly you want a BIOS update… No matter whether you’re upgrading your Intel or AMD CPU to the hottest product, or attempting to diagnose the resource of your system’s instability, updating your PC’s essential firmware is a excellent place to get started your troubleshooting. There’s no position getting 1 of the very best graphics playing cards if you’re on dated, unstable firmware. So here’s our tutorial on how to conduct a BIOS update on the best gaming motherboards from MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, and ASRock swiftly, and, extra importantly, safely.

The BIOS, or Simple Enter Output Process, is the crucial small-level interconnect among your motherboard, the componentry plugged into it, and your OS. This firmware stored locally on the board initialises every thing plugged into the mobo’s I/O, and is crucial to the clean operation of your Laptop, from CPU to storage to RAM. Feel of it as the method governing the freeway involving all your computer’s most significant components.

If you’re owning any tough hardware diagnostic troubles, disheartening program instability, or just simply cannot get your memory up to speed, it is specially essential to make sure your motherboard’s BIOS firmware is up-to-date with the most up-to-date launch from the appropriate manufacturer. The efficiency, stability, and compatibility of your process might rely on it – certainly, you study that proper, it can enhance fps in your recreation. All you require for the system is an world-wide-web connection, a USB adhere, and 10 minutes to spare.

But if your technique is cheery and performing as meant, you best go away it nicely sufficient alone. When a BIOS update is a lot easier and additional reputable than at any time, if your program suffers a sudden decline of power midway as a result of the process it could be lights out for your gaming Personal computer. If it ain’t broke, possibly do not fix it. If you want to be more cautious, you could verify there are no planned electric power outages in your place right before going in advance with the update.

Also be aware down any BIOS configurations or overclocking values before enterprise the pursuing update process as these will be wiped for the duration of the set up.

Dependent on no matter if you bleed purple or blue in the AMD vs. Intel debate, the BIOS update course of action may possibly fluctuate. It is specifically crucial to preserve AM4 motherboards up-to-date for improved memory aid and compatibility with the hottest AMD Ryzen 2000 and AMD Ryzen 3000 processors. And if you individual B450 or X470 motherboard, your manufacturer might have introduced a BIOS update enabling aid for the latest AMD Zen three processors – some of the best gaming CPUs you can get proper now.

Screen showing motherboard information from Microsoft Windows

Obtain your method specs

To update your BIOS you require to know precisely the make and design of your motherboard. That’s uncomplicated more than enough to obtain with a quick journey to Technique Details.

To uncover your motherboard make and model:

  • Strike the Home windows essential
  • Style ‘msinfo’ into the search bar
  • Strike Enter

The information under “BaseBoard Product” is your motherboard model, over that, the maker of your motherboard. Also a small more earlier mentioned is “BIOS Edition/Date”, make a notice of this for comparison from the most current BIOS from the company in the next action.

Download screen for MSI BIOS update

Download the most current BIOS firmware

Subsequent up, down load the proper BIOS firmware for your program from the manufacturer’s products web site. Whilst this course of action differs by company, this ought to be simple more than enough to find from your search motor of option with the earlier mentioned motherboard data – typing the make and design of your motherboard adopted by the term “firmware” generally does the trick.

With the hottest BIOS downloaded, extract the file as essential and copy it onto the root directory (not in a individual folder) of your USB adhere. This will make it much easier to locate when you’re wanting for it afterwards, and remember to try to remember not to rename the file at all or your Pc will get confused.

Your motherboard manufacturer’s UEFI may perhaps allow you to obtain and set up a BIOS update file straight from the net from inside of the interface. That’s helpful if you really do not have a USB stick to hand, but we favor to participate in it secure with a trusty USB adhere.

The finer details of the BIOS update system do range amongst manufacturers, but the principles are the exact whoever has designed the slab of printed circuit board inhabiting your Computer.

Asus TUF Gaming X570 Plus

ASUS bios update

Asus motherboards fluctuate slightly by brand. Specifically, the ROG branded boards are notably red and black in nature. Irrespective, the course of action is much more or significantly less the similar. For an Asus BIOS update:

  • Following restarting your Pc, mash the DEL key as a lot as humanly attainable. Not automatically essential, but tradition requires it.
  • Push F7 to open up ‘advanced mode’.
  • Navigate to Resources.
  • Open up Asus EZ Flash three.
  • Choose your USB adhere with the extracted BIOS file on it from the storage device checklist.
  • Pick out the BIOS file and validate that you desire to go through this file.

    Ensure that you would like to update the BIOS.

Make it possible for the update process to comprehensive. DO NOT Convert OFF YOUR Computer system until eventually you are 100% guaranteed the update has completed. Updating your BIOS is not as terrifying as it utilised to be, but chopping the electricity mid-way by means of a BIOS update is a confident-fireplace way to build an high-priced new paperweight.

Finally, re-use the settings you jotted down earlier, generating absolutely sure to allow XMP options to unlock your memory’s full prospective.

MSI Godlike motherboard for Intel processors

MSI bios update

Identical deal as the previously mentioned, but somewhat distinct menus. For an MSI BIOS update:

  • Upon restarting your Computer, boot to BIOS by mashing the DEL critical incessantly. Or just as soon as at the right time. Both way, you’re in.
  • Navigate to M-Flash and concur to auto-reboot the procedure in Flash method.
  • Find the USB travel with the BIOS file you extracted previously.
  • Find the BIOS file.
  • Take the prompt.
  • Re-use your settings.

Gigabyte B450M motherboard for AMD processors

Gigabyte bios update

For a Gigabyte BIOS update:

  • On restarting your Pc, mash the DEL crucial to kingdom occur. You can also jump straight to Q-Flash, Gigabyte’s BIOS flash utility, straight by urgent the Close vital in the course of startup with most Gigabyte boards.
  • Navigate to Q-Flash – you may perhaps need to push the ALT crucial to bring up the Q-Flash shortcut from the BIOS menu.
  • Pick Update BIOS
  • Pick the extracted BIOS from your storage drive
  • Press ENTER and concur to update your BIOS
  • Be individual and allow your Computer do its point.
  • Re-use settings.

asrock bios update

All over again, the BIOS update system for an ASRock motherboard is pretty identical:

  • Restart your Pc, and press F2 continually to enter the BIOS. You imagined it’d be the DEL key all over again, did not you?
  • Go to the ‘Tool’ menu, and click on on the ‘Instant Flash’ utility.
  • This must list the USB drive that you’ve downloaded the BIOS update onto. Find it, and let it do it is career.
  • Re-use any of your BIOS options that may perhaps have altered right after the update

Which is all it takes to update your BIOS. A fairly straightforward and painless working experience since UEFI arrived on the scene, and 1 that could relieve some of these awkward, undiagnosable hardware challenges, significantly expand CPU compatibility, and even get people more frames.

If you uncover your self craving more from your Laptop, even so, we’ll teach you how to overclock your CPU and GPU. It is not as frightening as it could seem and can make a planet of variation to your gaming working experience.

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