Buy this today: a ‘try before you buy’ mechanical key switch tester kit


Ah, mechanical keyboards. All people that owns one swears by them, and every person that doesn’t will more than seemingly be correct about fed up with us mech-heads banging on about them. They enact, undoubtedly, provide a better typing experience than squishy membrane (‘rubber dome’) keyboards, although this comes with the associated rate of a more noisy experience.

Nonetheless now not all mechanical key switches are as noisy as you’ll want to well maybe also take into accounts, and now not all of them feel alike. And because mechanical keyboards can appear pricey as compared to non-mechanical keyboards, you’ll want to well maybe also hesitate in shopping one with out lustrous precisely how each and each recount key swap will feel. It’s a little bit unhealthy to employ a chunk of money on a high quality mechanical keyboard while you happen to don’t know whether or now not you’ll devour the swap or now not. That’s where this Cherry MX Switch Tester kit is available in the market in.

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What is it?

It’s a mechanical key swap attempting out kit that capability that you just can examine out nine totally different forms of key swap to perceive how each and each of them feels forward of you utilize tons of more on a mechanical keyboard. Every key on the test kit makes inform of a totally different ‘Cherry MX’ swap variant (Cherry MX being the most standard mark of mechanical key switches): MX Crimson, MX Black, MX Blue, MX Brown, MX Green, MX Gray-brown, MX Gray-sunless, MX Certain, and MX White. Every of those switches feels and sounds totally different, and this kit can make it more uncomplicated to figure out which one you secure.

Why while you happen to decide it?

You secure to pray to decide a mechanical keyboard, but aren’t obvious which swap you’ll secure. Presumably you’re now not obvious whether or now not MX Blue switches will more than seemingly be too loud to your loved ones or colleagues, or perhaps you’re now not obvious whether or now not the tactile feel of MX Brown switches will annoy you. Must you in deciding this tester kit, you’ll be ready to perceive for sure which key swap is simplest for you, with out having to decide a mechanical keyboard and merely hope for the most provocative.

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What alternatives enact you beget?

Must you’re taking a note to decide a mechanical keyboard for the first time, or while you happen to don’t know too noteworthy about all of the several switches, the perhaps scenario is you’ll discontinuance up shopping a mechanical keyboard that makes inform of Cherry MX switches. As such, AKWOX’s 9-Key Cherry MX Switch Tester is a gigantic resolution. Rather than the nine-key tester itself, this kit moreover comes with a keycap puller for uncomplicated elimination of keycaps, and a few o-rings which is ready to be passe to envision o-ring dampening (where you build o-rings throughout the swap connector on the underside of a keycap to dampen the ‘clack’ sound that occurs as you bottom out the first). There are other tester kits available in the market on Amazon for forms of swap except for Cherry MX ones.

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