Buy this today: EasySMX Wireless, the best cheap PC controller


Controllers feeble to catch a frightening rap with PC customers – , the complete ‘keyboard and mouse till I die!’ cohort. However the tide has grew to develop into, and folk own began to simply get that controllers own a matter in the PC gaming market. For better or for worse, many game genres are the next journey when the exercise of one amongst the most spicy PC controllers.

They’re going to additionally be expensive. Even a regular Microsoft Xbox One wi-fi controller objects you inspire over $60 this day. However there are peaceable some enormous budget alternatives readily accessible must you would possibly presumably well presumably luxuriate in a controller luxuriate in minded with your PC. The EasySMX Wireless is the suitable cheap PC controller we’ve chanced on, and makes a elegant addition to any PC gamer’s setup.

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What is it?

This controller is a budget ‘almost-reproduction’ of the authentic Xbox 360 controller, which, by my reckoning, is one amongst the suitable controllers ever made (no, significantly, I peaceable exercise one as my toddle-to PC controller). It aspects the identical 360 controller structure: two offset thumbsticks with a D-pad in between, ABXY buttons, and two triggers with L1 and R1 shoulder buttons lawful above them. It’s as bog-standard, but additionally as tried-and-examined, as you would possibly presumably well presumably catch. The most spicy main disagreement is it’s hundreds more cost-effective than most mainstream controllers.

Why must peaceable you have interaction it?

You’ve had your salvage of FPS video games and are ready to dip into the third-individual, or presumably a racing or sport game. You already know that mouse and keyboard will work, but it’s not slightly how these video games own been intended to be conducted – an excellent deal of these video games own been, in spite of the complete thing, developed with a console viewers in strategies. However you’re additionally not spellbinding to spend $200 on a ‘pro gaming’ controller with paddles. You luxuriate in to own one thing cheap, that doesn’t muck about, but is peaceable enormous quality. If here’s the case, the EasySMX Wireless is for you.

What alternatives attain you’ve got?

The EasySMX Wireless controller comes in diversified colours, or as a two-pack. The most cost-high-quality version for those of you in the US is the golf green-gloomy one, and for those in the UK it’s the gloomy-crimson one.

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