Buy this today: high-quality keycaps for your mechanical keyboard


Extinguish you have, or will you quickly have, a mechanical keyboard? If advantageous, then you definately seemingly care about tremendous. You expend a mechanical keyboard on yarn of you take care of a solid button-pressing experience – a keyboard that is sturdy, joyful, and affords the unmistakable clack of a high quality keycap bottoming out.

But correct on yarn of you have a mechanical keyboard, it doesn’t mean you may possibly well seemingly possibly well believe essentially the most wonderful tremendous keycaps, even when it’s regarded as the most wonderful gaming keyboard. Cherry MX switches are gargantuan, but if the keycaps that sit down on high of them aren’t also gargantuan, you’re now not getting essentially the most out of your typing experience. Most mechanical keyboards device with identical outdated single-shot ABS keycaps, that have a tendency to alter into gleaming over time, lose their markings, and invent a increased-pitched clack when bottoming out. Double-shot PBT keycaps are where it’s at, and Bossi’s 104-key double-shot PBT keycap plight is rather rattling cheap.

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What is it?

PBT is a form of plastic, correct like ABS, but it absolutely’s intention more challenging and doesn’t change into gleaming thru exhaust like ABS does. Briefly, it’s a principal increased tremendous, better-feeling form of plastic. One which your mechanical keyboard deserves. Each and every PBT and ABS keycaps may possibly seemingly possibly possibly also additionally be single-shot or double-shot. A keycap that’s double-shot is one whose letter markings are constructed from a completely separate second layer of keycap plastic, in plight of merely engraved or stuck on high of the one layer, which manner the markings shouldn’t fade or change into gleaming.

Why may possibly seemingly possibly believe to you expend it?

Mechanical keyboards are a top class product, made for those of us that care adequate about the intention it feels to form that we’re prepared to pay in most cases ludicrous quantities for essentially the most wonderful experience that it’s likely you’ll take into consideration. Have to you have a mechanical keyboard, you seemingly care no much less than rather.

But most folks don’t realise that the huge majority of mechanical keyboards device with sub-par keycaps, and that there exist keycaps that feel lots better and final lots longer. If that matters to you, then it’s positively price spending the little extra on a high quality keycap plight. Oh yeah, and there are some rather gargantuan marvelous decisions it’s likely you’ll assemble, too. These Bossi keycaps device in a diversity of different colors.

What alternate choices discontinue you may possibly well seemingly possibly well believe?

I’m itemizing the Bossi 104 keys PBT Keysets on yarn of they’re by a long way essentially the most affordable double-shot PBT keycap sets that I’ve locate. They’re gargantuan price for the price. But any first price double-shot PBT keycap will likely be better than a single-shot ABS keycap, so may possibly seemingly possibly believe to you would actually like a coloration draw that Bossi isn’t offering, discontinue shop spherical for a imprint that has the staunch colour draw for you (Tai Hao is a gargantuan PBT keycap imprint, for occasion, but its keycap sets are intention more costly than these Bossi ones). On the US blueprint, all colour schemes are readily accessible from the identical Amazon product online page, but on the UK blueprint you’ll must scoot wanting thru the product pages for diverse colour schemes.

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