Buy this today: save $50 on a Logitech G903 gaming mouse


Wireless mice extinct to be connected with poor latency and shoddy battery life, but here’s now no longer the case. No longer finest has wireless and battery tech improved dramatically within the course of the last few years, but we’ve also considered inventive new ways of circumventing the complications historically connected with wireless mice. The Logitech G903 Lightspeed is an exemplar of this.

This ambidextrous mouse is the fine all-rounder. Its ability to mix with the Logitech PowerPlay mousepad is finest one of the most eminent functions that objects this sleek mouse aside from the crowd. Basically, we regarded as it the single most efficient gaming mouse till the Logitech G Pro Wireless used to be released. With as much as 33% discounted off its retail designate, the G903 is a mountainous cry for somebody within the marketplace for a brand new gaming mouse.

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What is it?

This mouse is ambidextrous, that components there’s at last an unparalleled possibility for all you lefties available. Its optical PMW3366 sensor reaches as much as 12,000 DPI, which is agreeable ample for lawful gaming on any resolution. It weighs 107g, which is gentle ample for mercurial circulate whereas level-headed preserving a high optimistic feel, and its 11 buttons mean you’ll build no longer want any be troubled mapping macros for uncomplicated access. It also works with the Logitech PowerPlay mousepad, which charges the mouse wirelessly whereas you play.

Why also can level-headed you make a selection it?

There are lots of reasons to make a selection this mouse it’s sharp to checklist them all, but I’m able to checklist about a. First, you would maybe be left-handed. The G903 is by a long way essentially the easiest ambidextrous mouse we’ve tried, so whenever you happen to’re a leftie this would possibly maybe be your most efficient bet.

Second, it’s miles useful to make exercise of a wireless mouse that doesn’t ever lose its payment (no, undoubtedly, no longer ever!). By combining this mouse with the Logitech PowerPlay mousepad, and providing the mouse stays no elevated than 4mm above its surface, this mouse will exercise Logitech’s fill Lightspeed wireless charging tech to preserve it topped up whereas you play.

At last, you would maybe presumably correct desire a main quality mouse with one of essentially the easiest optical sensors around for lawful 1:1 monitoring. Oh, or Logitech’s fabled countless scroll wheel. Even without PowerPlay, it’s a spectacular gaming mouse.

What alternate strategies perform you would maybe hang got?

The Logitech G903 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse is within the marketplace for 33% off on Amazon’s US verbalize, discounted from $149.99 to $99.99, or for 15% off on Amazon’s UK verbalize, discounted from £129.99 to £109.99.

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