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Audio-Technica is a designate traditionally revered by audiophiles, known for the quality of its excessive-live headphones. It wasn’t so smartly known within the gaming market, the assign Steelseries and Razer were more smartly-liked, but that’s altering of unhurried. Now manufacturers like Audio-Technica and Sennheiser derive a pair of of the most inviting gaming headsets, and whereas they’ll also also be expensive, you no doubt attain derive what you pay for in audio quality.

Audio-Technica’s ATH-AG1X is the honorable excessive-live gaming headset, by our reckoning. Can possess to you adore to possess something that affords a rich, immersive soundscape, you can also attain exiguous greater than the ATH-AG1X in phrases of gaming headsets. Whether or now not it’s immersing yourself within the field of The Witcher 3 or listening out for enemy footsteps in Valorant, the ATH-AG1X has you covered – and for this discounted designate it’s an absolute gash price.

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What is it?

The model of ATH-AG1X that has this gash designate is a closed-attend headset, meaning it’ll quiet block most external sounds out (and abet most headphone sounds in) on the expense of a somewhat more ‘ethereal’ and pure soundscape. For gaming, closed-attend headsets are normally most inviting, in particular whilst you’re going to be the utilization of them in various areas. Other than its crisp 53mm drivers with a frequency vary of 5Hz to 40,000Hz, the headset moreover comes with a constructed-in mic, volume regulate, and mic quiet swap.

Why can possess to quiet you engage it?

You desire a gaming headset that boasts $300 audio quality for handiest a fragment of the price. It’s that clear-gash, no doubt. Can possess to you’re going for a headset of this calibre you know you adore to possess colossal audio quality. And that’s the predominant selling point of this headset. It has fabulous form quality, a colossal mic, and is standard and delighted to wear, but there’ll now not be any sport-altering aspects or outlandish selling points. As an replace, the highest fee retail designate comes from its mighty audio quality, which, on the live of the day, is the largest trust phrases of headsets and headphones in this designate vary.

What alternatives attain you would possibly perhaps presumably well even possess?

Audio-Technica’s ATH-AG1X headset is for the time being on offer for 36% off at $189.95 USD on Amazon’s US situation, and 50% off at £155.40 on Amazon’s UK situation. Can possess to you’d somewhat lag for the starting up-attend model, you can also eliminate out this from the product’s Amazon retailer web page. There’s no gash designate for this starting up-attend model on the Amazon US situation, nonetheless, and handiest a 37% gash designate on the Amazon UK situation.

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