Caveat Emptor: Counterfeit Intel CPUs Are Popping Up in China


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Unfounded pc chips have been an ongoing divulge Intel and AMD have struggled to take care of for many years. It appears such behavior is on the upward thrust every other time, with more false Intel CPUs showing up on the Chinese language market.

The post by HKEPC thru THG steps thru a pair of of the examples of how this make of scam is pulled on unsuspecting clients. The suggestions fluctuate. In some instances, companies will grind the stamp off the front of a CPU and repaint the lid, but you in the spoil pause up getting a CPU that’s fancy minded with a motherboard you would possibly possibly possibly possibly furthermore try and stick it into, even if what you test is that you’ve paid 9900K prices for a Pentium Gold G5400.

As crappy as that is, the difficulty easiest declines from there. Some scammers have been identified to repurpose entirely assorted CPU families. What’s worse than getting a Pentium Gold G5400? How about getting a Core 2 Duo that’s been rebadged to peruse as if it’s a Core i9?

In some instances, the scammers don’t even bother with a CPU. Here’s a Core i7-7700K die that’s been glued on to a inexperienced PCB.


Also? That’s a terrifying paste application. Off-heart. Very shoddy.

Intel has notified clients that this can no longer honor warranties for mislabeled silicon and/or inexperienced paperweights with CPU lids glued to them. It’s hard to blame the firm. Pledging to merely replace the product would be a golden opportunity for scammers to flood the market with unsuitable parts and rely on Intel to stand up the adaptation. CPU lids from the Core i7-7700K are reportedly widespread because that CPU has paste beneath the lid in situation of solder, and is on account of this fact quite straightforward to de-lid. Given that these folks are selling fraudulent parts in the most well-known situation, I believe they’re more thinking about maintaining the lid in a straightforward-to-rehab situation than with making sure that the CPU beneath in reality capabilities.

It’s trusty that you would possibly possibly possibly possibly furthermore infrequently take up giant deals in Jap markets — a pair of of you would possibly possibly possibly possibly furthermore merely protect that buying low-label Korean 1440p panels turned into a thing folks did for a pair of years. Whereas the beget high quality and presentation of varied these displays turned into tough on the edges, the valid panels themselves had been smartly-rated. Such scenarios, alternatively, are uncommon. Extra on the total than no longer, a low-label Chinese language product sigh, fancy an abnormally low-label Core i-9900K, is going to be a scam. Whereas it’s shapely uncommon to rep a scam CPU in the US, it’s miles going to no doubt happen.

At the same time as you happen to’re buying a CPU from eBay or an particular person reseller someplace else online, don’t be nervous to impeach for photos of the product. Compare them to die photographs from a pair of angles, front and wait on. Unfounded CPUs nearly repeatedly have not any no longer up to 1 telltale characteristic that they aren’t legit, whether it’s an inexact stamp or a nonstandard notch layout as confirmed above.

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