Crypto Miners Driving High Demand for AMD CPUs with Big L3 Cache


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Now that crypto miners and their scalping ilk have succeeded in taking all of our valuable GPU inventory, it seems they’re now setting their sights on one a lot more detail gamers cherish: the AMD CPU source. In accordance to a report in the UK’s Bitcoin Press, aspect of the purpose it’s so really hard to obtain a latest-gen AMD CPU for sale any place is mainly because of a crypto forex named Raptoreum that takes advantage of the CPU to mine rather of an ASIC or a GPU. Apparently, its mining is sped up significantly by the significant L3 cache embedded in CPUs these types of as AMD Ryzen, Epyc, and Threadripper.

Raptoreum was built as an anti-ASIC forex, as they wished to maintain the far more costly hardware remedies off their blockchain due to the fact they thought it decreased income for everyone. To accomplish this they chose the Ghostrider mining algorithm, which is a mix of Cryptonite and x16r algorithms, and thew in some distinctive code to make it intensely randomized, consequently its choice for L3 cache.

In scenario you weren’t knowledgeable, AMD’s higher-end CPUs have more cache than their competitors from Intel, creating them a very hot merchandise for miners of this certain forex. For case in point, a chip like the Threadripper 3990X has a chonky 256MB of L3 cache, but given that that is a $5,000 CPU, miners are settling for the nevertheless-beefy Ryzen chips. A CPU like the Ryzen 5900X has a generous 64MB of L3 cache as opposed to just 30MB on Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs, and just 16MB on Intel’s 11th-gen chips. Several versions of AMD CPUs have this a lot cache much too, not just the flagship silicon, which includes the former-gen Ryen nine 3900X CPU. The truly cost-effective styles, this kind of as the 5800X, have just 32MB of L3 cache, however.

According to the Raptoreum Mining Profitability Calculator, just a single AMD 5950X can create 181 Raptoreum a working day, which at its latest price tag is all around $four. This indicates you could theoretically pay back off the expense of the CPU in around 6 months, electrical energy charges aside. AMD CPUs are also favorable in this situation not just because of their L3 cache but also due to the fact of their great general performance-for every-watt, as they have been far more effective than Intel’s chips for some time now, although of training course the enterprise hopes to transform that with Alder Lake. Even now, Bitcoin Push notes, “Rough power consumption estimates for Ryzen 9 3900X program is rated at 190W with OC options,” which is most likely greater than any CPU now on the sector.

Creating issues probably even even worse, AMD’s subsequent update for its Ryzen CPUs will incorporate introducing V-cache, which is vertically stacked L3 cache on-die, with 64MB per chiplet.  These L3 upgrades will undoubtedly will make its chips even more desirable for Raptoreum miners, assuming the currency  still exists when the updates arrive in early 2022.

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