How to Upgrade From a Smaller SSD to a Larger One


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It’s been roughly a decade since the main SSDs started to hit the user market, and about seven years since they started arriving at price components that might perchance perhaps broadly be called “user-good.” It’s most efficient been in the previous few years that SSDs accept gotten cheap sufficient that purchasing for a 512GB force is more of an impulse buy than a prime monetary outlay. In case you’ve already purchased a new SSD or are questioning when you ought to nonetheless pull the placement off, we’ll poke you through deciding easy ideas to switch your files and the most attention-grabbing ways to enact it.

The simplest manner to upgrade from a smaller SSD (or HDD) to a bigger one is to pull the extinct force, set up your new force, load your OS portray and all connected tool, and reinstall all the pieces you don’t opt to manually lend a hand. We’re no longer spending too great time on this upgrade path, nevertheless when you must switch this route, our article on easy ideas to uninstall Home windows 10 ought to be essential to you — in particular the “Uncover Forward of You Soar” part for advice on which files and files to lend a hand up ahead of starting up new.

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The most attention-grabbing thing about starting up over from scratch is that you just acquire a easy OS portray and a cruft-free SSD. Here’s also the most attention-grabbing practical possibility when you’re upgrading a computer computer with a single force bay. The downside is dropping a straightforward manner to acquire entry to extinct files when you desire them, unless you make investments in an external enclosure.

Another possibility, when you would moreover unprejudiced accept the chassis home, is to set up your new SSD, set up a easy OS set up on it, nevertheless accept your outdated force curved up and on hand. Take into consideration this as a most efficient-of-each and each-worlds means. We can’t guarantee the apps installed for your extinct SSD will nonetheless work with out a reinstall, nevertheless your downloads, saved files, and paperwork are all nonetheless on hand. I are vulnerable to switch this route after I upgrade or change storage alternate suggestions and while it doesn’t work for all the pieces, it’s a rapid manner to solve the subject.

But what when you don’t desire more than one force and you don’t desire more than one force when you’re done? The most efficient manner to tackle this discipline is to make use of cloning tool. Disk cloning tool can design a truly most attention-grabbing portray of a recent SSD or HDD installation.

A disk clone isn’t factual an archive or backup of your recent SSD and shouldn’t be wrong for it. Simply creating an archival backup of gift files is an staunch thought, nevertheless it obtained’t solve your discipline — it’ll factual descend a lump of compressed files for your new SSD. I’ve extinct Acronis Unswerving Image plenty of times, nevertheless there are a various of utilities on hand to accumulate this form of service. Wikipedia has a cheap comparison of the many main functions.


You don’t ought to dismay about having each and each laborious drives mounted internally to make use of a disk cloning utility; it’s no longer a controversy to clone to (or from) an external linked through USB 3. It might perchance perhaps moreover unprejudiced make a choice a diminutive bit longer, nevertheless the process ought to be the identical.

Once the clone completes, you’ll accept a way to study your extinct force in storage (I’d suggest no longer throwing it away, nevertheless I’m paranoid about files loss) and lift on going along with your new hardware. As system transplants whisk, the total process is sort of painless.

One final tidbit. If you’re transferring from SSD to SSD, don’t demand moderately the identical “Wow!” part to make a choice up after transferring from a vulnerable laborious force to an SSD. While more recent SSDs are the truth is faster than extinct ones, the performance enchancment merely isn’t as gigantic. You might perchance moreover unprejudiced nonetheless acquire a performance bump out of the jump, nevertheless practical, magnificent ability and the reliability advantages of a more recent force are the main reasons to upgrade to a new SSD.

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