Intel Releases Specs, Performance Data on Upcoming Alder Lake Core i9-12900K


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Intel’s Alder Lake line of CPUs will strike retail outlet shelves on November 4, and the chip huge is sharing some additional data about specs and pricing ahead of its debut future 7 days. We have published numerous deep dives on Alder Lake presently this yr, but to recap:

Alder Lake is Intel’s following-technology desktop chip. It’s created on a refined model of Intel’s 10nm node (now rebranded as Intel seven), and it’s the initial hybrid x86 architecture. It is identified as a ‘hybrid’ architecture since it includes a combination of much larger and smaller sized cores. Anecdotally these are usually identified as “big” and “little” cores, however Intel’s claimed functionality targets for the Effectiveness cores implies that “big” and “bigger” could possibly be a better way to describe the marriage in between the two core clusters.

Characteristics and Effectiveness Promises

Intel is promising a one.19x all round uplift for Alder Lake when IPC and frequency are taken into account. The total IPC uplift at equivalent frequency is ~1.15x. In gaming, Intel showed a unfold of results ranging from parity with chips like the Ryzen 5950X to outcomes showing alone 20-30 per cent ahead. This is not specially surprising providers generally existing a range of sport benchmarks that collectively present different associations in between them selves and their competitors:

Lots of of Intel’s functionality statements, nonetheless, are significantly greater than 1.19x.

Alder Lake’s personal leaks have contributed to person perceptions of this oddity. In some conditions, leaked benchmarks have implied that Alder Lake could be substantially more rapidly than the 1.19x uplift Intel has advised us to be expecting. In other situations, we’ve witnessed leaks suggest that AMD’s Ryzen 9 5950X can maintain off the newcomer. When we questioned Intel about the variation in some of its claimed enhancements, the enterprise instructed us that it is measuring the execution velocity of multiple workloads simultaneously in many information development purposes.

Although most reviewers tend to operate a person application at a time, jogging multiple applications simultaneously isn’t necessarily unusual. A written content development workflow with a CPU-heavy and a GPU-significant part can often run each simultaneously, improving overall throughput.

That is part of why Intel may well be predicting the huge content material generation gains we see the corporation declaring right here. Alder Lake’s higher-effectiveness cores give it an excess 8 threads to function with, in programs in which boosting from 16 to 24 threads likely comes with its individual benefits.

In accordance to Intel, peak single-thread general performance for 12th Gen Alder Lake is 28 per cent above Comet Lake S, and ~one.14x previously mentioned Rocket Lake S. Intel’s E-main efficiency promises are also considerable, having said that, given that the company is predicting that its “efficiency” cores are thoroughly the match for a Comet Lake S core at the exact frequency. As we reported up best — this is much less “big/little” and extra “big/greater.”

This is a incredibly appealing slide. In accordance to Intel, the Core i9-12900K is able of 1.5x more multi-threaded overall performance at 241W as the Main i9-11900K at 250W. The explanation this slide is fascinating is simply because peak energy intake on the Main i9-11900K is well over 250W the chip has been measured at just about 300W peak energy. Rocket Lake is a electric power-hungry architecture, so hauling down to 250W increases the comparison for Alder Lake.

There’s another incredibly exciting admission in the slide over. In accordance to Intel, Alder Lake at 125W presents 30 % more quickly MT functionality than Rocket Lake at 250W. Even if we make it possible for for some corporate fudging, which is a great deal better energy efficiency — but we also know that Alder Lake is just 50 percent more rapidly than Rocket Lake at 241W.

Intel’s slide signifies it requirements to maximize Alder Lake’s electricity use by one.92x (125W -> 241W) in buy to enhance effectiveness by one.15x (from one.3x Rocket Lake performance to one.5x Rocket Lake general performance). In combination, this graph states that Intel usually takes a 3.7x electricity penalty in purchase to increase performance 1.5x more than baseline.

It’s not distinct how AMD would complete if we charted the Ryzen 5000 series on a equivalent graph, but x86 CPUs do not frequently compare well to chips like Apple’s M1 Pro and M1 Max correct now when it will come to performance for every watt. A major question for Alder Lake is no matter whether it can adjust that impact and, if so, by how a lot.

Oh, just one other thing on electricity usage. Right after getting hearth for the wide hole in between PL1 and PL2, Intel has responded to the criticism by redefining PL2 to equal PL1 on unlocked processors.

Intel is declaring that Alder Lake will also offer you increased thermal performance courtesy of a thinner die and thinner interface product. The enterprise introduced this will be offset with a thicker heat spreader, but did not provide any supplemental commentary on why it had thickened the warmth spreader in the 1st put.


Here’s the approaching Alder Lake product or service stack, with pricing incorporated:

At the best of the stack, the 24-thread / 16-main Main i9-12900K will be clocked at 3.2GHz / five.2GHz (P-Main) and three.4GHz – three.9GHz (E-Core), with 20 PCIe five. lanes and help for DDR5-4800 for $589. Chips like the Core i5-12600K (6P 4E) will offer you 10 cores and 16 threads for $289. The i5-12600K is priced to shift towards the Ryzen 5 5600X, which is presently selling for about $299.

Of study course, all of this assumes the Core i5-12600K will not strike marketplace, skyrocket in selling price, and promptly vanish like drinking water in the Atacama. No bets on that score.

We’ll have a lot more details on Alder Lake — the kind that arrive with overall performance figures connected — in the not-also-distant future. For now, it is adequate to be aware that Intel is claiming some sizeable effectiveness enhancements and electricity efficiency gains. Leaked benchmarks level to Alder Lake getting a contender, but electric power usage versus AMD is an unknown at this time.

And finally, Intel is claiming that Alder Lake will be a fantastic overclocker. We’ll see on that score. It is been yrs given that either Intel or AMD delivered a CPU we considered a “great overclocker,” and headroom has been dropping on best-stop chips for many years. Both way, although, the chip’s hybrid architecture is the beginning of a new (with any luck , fruitful) era in x86 layout.

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