Killer Move: Intel Acquires Rivet Networks


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Rivet Networks, the firm on the assist of Killer Networking merchandise, has been bought by Intel for an undisclosed sum. Rivet Networks started lifestyles as Bigfoot Networks, with a dramatic “Killer NIC” card that provided for $250 sooner than pivoting to building utility alternatives to prioritize and classify traffic. The firm used to be bought by (and spun assist off from) Qualcomm, re-emerged as Rivet Networks, and as of yesterday, is now an Intel property.

Since it re-emerged from Qualcomm, Rivet has fervent on building relationships with both motherboard and notebook computer OEMs. The firm has shipped its beget custom-branded alternatives with underlying hardware constructed by Qualcomm, Realtek, and Intel at a bunch of parts in time. It’s also provided aspects you don’t typically safe in other locations, like the choice to utilize wired and wireless ethernet concurrently, or to route traffic by diagram of explicit community interfaces.

Over time, Rivet has been picking up extra community companions and transport hardware on a magnificent wider fluctuate of motherboards, along with a partnership with Dell on the XPS product family. Overall, the firm’s profile has been rising for the explanation that spinoff, and the acquisition nowadays is the logical outgrowth of that style.

Intel and Rivet Networks partnered to invent the Killer 1650X.

So what does Intel notion to set with this acquisition? That’s less particular. The blog post asserting the deal refers back to the tall surge in networking traffic that’s came about over the previous few months — a subtle nod to the continuing affect of COVID-19, with out indubitably naming the pandemic. There are no explicit references to any projects between the two companies, alternatively, beyond a assertion that Intel will continue to license Rivet Networks utility to prospects. Rivet labored carefully with Intel to invent its alternatives spherical the AX201 and Killer AC-1535, so we can also simply aloof seemingly search data from further traits spherical these merchandise and, presumably, some additional candies within the future.

As for what this kind for the diagram in which ahead for PC networking? That indubitably depends upon on which aspects of the alternate Intel chooses to emphasise. The hot pandemic has on the very least in temporary turbocharged the work-from-home community, utilizing new hardware purchases and efforts to outfit home locations of work for long-length of time use. As such, Intel could per chance favor Killer for its traffic shaping and prioritizing tech in a alternate context. Alternately, it may most likely even notion to continue to invent the utility across the total spectrum of alternate and particular person uses.

In the extinguish, we study this as a switch to put off its networking credentials at a time when home Wi-Fi efficiency is seemingly to be high-of-mind for your realistic particular person than it will seemingly be in any other case. Intel has on the total marketed its beget Wi-Fi alternatives as explicit reasons to favor an Intel notebook computer, going assist to on the very least the Centrino platform. From that viewpoint, the firm’s resolution to favor an fanatic-oriented community developer makes finest sense.

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This set can also simply originate affiliate commissions from the hyperlinks on this page. Terms of use.

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