Leaked Asus x Noctua RTX 3070 Is As Brown As You’d Expect


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The only factor that matters when acquiring a new online video card proper now is that you can obtain a person in stock. Who cares if it doesn’t have the right fans? Probably a person day you’ll have the luxury of caring about the supporters on your GPU yet again. That is why items like the Asus x Noctua RTX 3070 exist. Very well, could exist. This really brown GPU appeared briefly on Asus’ ROG Vietnam Facebook webpage, but it was eradicated in a blink. Not, nevertheless, right before individuals salvaged a tiny data. 

The card in query has been rumored around the final few months, but its visual appeal on Facebook is the initially time we have experienced affirmation of its existence. Ahead of Asus could pull the unannounced video card, Wccftech was able to snag some screenshots and standard info. As you can convey to from the salvaged pictures, this is not your typical online video card — it’s pretty brown. You can thank Noctua for that. 

Any knowledgeable Laptop enthusiast will know Noctua, the maker of Personal computer admirers, heatsinks, and other components. The company’s legendary tan and brown admirers are persistently between the greatest you can get. I have individually replaced the inventory supporters on my NZXT AIO water cooler with Noctua admirers because they are much quieter and far more productive. While, I did cheat by using the “Cromax” line of Noctua enthusiasts that aren’t brown. (Heathen –Ed).

This video card guaranteed is brown, however, and not just the followers. Asus has embraced the theme with a brown fan surround and Asus x Noctua badge on the leading. In most configurations, the fans will not be visible, but the rest of the card retains that Noctua vibe. On the inside, it should be a conventional Asus-optimized RTX 3070. The design selection indicates the card will have 8GB of RAM. It is driven by two eight-pin connectors, and you get five video outputs. It is also a triple-slot card many thanks to the huge Noctua cooler module. 

If you’ve acquired place for it, the Asus x Noctua GPU is most likely a fantastic instance of the RTX 3070. You’re going to pay out a top quality for the Noctua design, even though. The price tag shown on Facebook is 26 Million Dong which is above$1,100 at latest exchange rates. You might not even have the likelihood to blow the funds on a person — the card is most probable going to have restricted availability, and desire for movie cards is continue to as a result of the roof. Given the stratospheric selling price of GPUs in standard, we would not lay odds on the card tipping up for sensible price ranges.

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