Letter From Jensen: Building the New NVIDIA Together


NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang despatched the following letter to our enlarged worker terrifying when the Mellanox acquisition closed earlier this week:

Whats up every person,

I’m hoping all of you and your households are neatly and derive all the arrangement through these unheard of cases.

On March 11 final year, we launched plans to take Mellanox, the enviornment leader in high-efficiency networking. Final week, China gave us the golf green light. As neatly as to the U.S., E.U., and Mexico, all jurisdictions hold authorized our aggregate. I’m happy to recount that this day, April 27, 2020, NVIDIA and Mellanox are officially one firm! 

Mellanox is now NVIDIA’s networking designate, our networking industry unit, and Israel is one among NVIDIA’s most distinguished technology centers, with 2,500 employees. The brand new NVIDIA has a great better footprint in data heart computing, halt-to-halt and complete-stack abilities in data heart architecture, and gigantic scale to dart innovations. We’re uniting two grand forces and doubling down on data heart.

Our dart started in my hotel room at SC18 on November 18, 2018. Eyal and I had a 7 am breakfast meeting on the Dallas Ritz-Carlton. He told me there hold been more than one parties drawn to making an are trying to search out Mellanox and asked if NVIDIA would salvage to be part of the sing. I told him that I cherished Mellanox – the firm, the technology, the merchandise, and strategic space. We’ve partnered to create many supercomputers and AI systems. “Mellanox is an fabulous firm,” I acknowledged to Eyal. He went on for the following hour, telling me that “Mellanox is an fabulous firm.” I agreed. He’s extremely proud of Mellanox, and rightfully so. At the halt of the dialog, I told him that NVIDIA would be the final and absolute top bidder. The bidding became as soon as intense. NVIDIA became as soon as the absolute top bidder.

NVIDIA and Mellanox are an ideal aggregate. The main motive is that we both care deeply about high-efficiency computing. Our companies are both wired for efficiency and technology management. NVIDIA hastens 50% of the new supercomputers on basically the most novel High500 list. Mellanox is the networking in 6 of the head 10 supercomputers. When NVIDIA hastens compute by 10-50x, involving data turns into the bottleneck. Amdahl’s law. Mellanox and NVIDIA develop each and every diversified’s applied sciences.

The mountainous narrate motive is that the manner forward for the details heart is being reshaped and collaborating in into our strengths. The day old to this’s cloud data heart architecture is named Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, where CPU-servers with integrated storage “scale out” into gigantic data centers. Cloud computing became as soon as born and revolutionized the industry. AI is now riding an architecture trade from Hyper-Converged Infrastructures to Accelerated-Disaggregated Infrastructure. NVIDIA and Mellanox are on the epicenter of this shift.

AI, basically the most grand technology force of our time, is a basically new computing model that is reshaping data heart architectures. AI is insanely computation- and data-intensive. Because CPUs designed for fashioned-motive computing can not successfully deal with the workload, NVIDIA is outdated to dart AI algorithm processing, and Mellanox is outdated to dart data processing and networking. The info heart is now accelerated.

Concurrently, the immediate adoption of information heart-scale workload orchestration platforms cherish Kubernetes is changing instrument construction and data heart operations in a serious manner. Functions and products and companies are decomposed into smaller executable containers and deployed onto on hand servers all around the details heart. Services can dynamically compose the infrastructure with the optimum style and amount of computing aspects to course of each and every workload. Enormous monolithic purposes no longer lavatory down some computers while leaving others sitting slothful. Knowledge heart utilization, throughput, ease and value of operations are all improved.

The info heart is now a composable computer. The info heart computing aspects are disaggregated — i.e., CPU servers, GPU servers, and storage servers are separated and scaled independently. Mellanox’s networking fabric that connects the computing aspects turns into all-distinguished to the details heart.

Our rising companies think the need for immediate computing and networking. After we launched the acquisition a year ago, Mellanox did $305M in earnings that quarter. Mellanox had 4 consecutive memoir quarters since and lawful launched $429M in quarterly earnings – increasing 41%. At some level of that identical duration, NVIDIA’s data heart industry grew from $680M to drawing near $1B final quarter, additionally increased over 40%. That is lawful the origin. 

Breakthroughs in natural language determining, conversational AI, and deep advice systems are pushing AI complexity to new levels. The devices are advanced. Knowledge intensity is rising exponentially. And the relentless push to smarter predictions and sooner response is riding computation demands.

AI computing, networking, and data processing are more distinguished than ever on this new world. Together we possess deep abilities and distinctive capabilities to make this future. NVIDIA and Mellanox are a dream personnel aggregate.

The quickest computing and the quickest networking mosey hand in hand. That’s why NVIDIA chosen Mellanox for our DGX AI systems. Mellanox switches and networking fabric connect NVIDIA’s hold study AI supercomputers. Mellanox data processing chips create networking, storage, and security for our EGX edge AI and 5G platform and our AGX self-riding automobile computer.

It’s a long way a gigantic joy to work with Mellanox’s world-class folks. Getting to grab you more deeply this past year, we cherish the firm, the technology, the merchandise, and strategic space arrangement more. Eyal, the management personnel, and the complete folks of Mellanox hold built a in actuality unheard of firm.

We’re happy to alter into one family and make the future collectively.

Bruchim abahim le mishpachat NVIDIA!


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