Microsoft Deploys AI ‘Supercomputing’ via Nvidia’s New Ampere A100 GPU


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Microsoft is deploying Nvidia’s new A100 Ampere GPUs across its facts facilities, and supplying consumers a large AI processing enhance in the course of action. Get it? In the– (a sharply hooked cane enters, stage suitable)

Ahem. As I was indicating. The ND A100 v4 VM loved ones starts off with a one VM and 8 A100 GPUs, but it can scale up to hundreds of GPUs with one.6Tb/s of bandwidth for every VM. The GPUs are connected with a 200GB/s InfiniBand backlink, and Microsoft claims to supply dedicated GPU bandwidth 16x bigger than the next cloud competitor. The explanation for the emphasis on bandwidth is that the full accessible bandwidth usually constrains AI model dimensions and complexity.

Nvidia is not the only corporation with a new feather in its hat. Microsoft also notes that it developed its new platform on AMD Epyc (Rome), with PCIe four. guidance and third-technology NVLink. According to Microsoft, these innovations need to supply an fast 2x – 3x advancement in AI effectiveness with no engineering work or model tuning. Prospects who decide on to leverage new functions of Ampere like sparsity acceleration and Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) can increase overall performance by as considerably as 20x. In accordance to Nvidia’s Ampere whitepaper, MIG is a attribute that improves GPU utilization in a VM atmosphere and can enable for up to 7x additional GPU circumstances for no extra cost.

From Nvidia’s A100 Ampere whitepaper

This characteristic is mainly aimed at Cloud Provider Vendors, so it’s not very clear how Microsoft’s shoppers would gain from it. But Nvidia does generate that its Sparsity element “can speed up FP32 enter/output info in DL frameworks in HPC, functioning 10x more rapidly than V100 [Volta] FP32 FMA operations or 20x more quickly with sparsity.” There are a quantity of specific functions where by Nvidia states that efficiency over Volta has improved by 2x to 5x in specified disorders, and the organization has explained the A100 is the finest generational leap in its history.

Microsoft states that this ND A100 v4 collection of servers is now in preview, but that they are expected to turn out to be a conventional presenting in the Azure portfolio.

Ampere’s generational enhancements in excess of Volta are significant to the in general effort and hard work to scale up AI networks. AI processing is not affordable and the huge scale Microsoft talks about also requires tremendous quantities of power. The question of how to strengthen AI electricity performance is a… sizzling subject.

(dodges cane)

Later this yr, AMD will start the very first GPU in its CDNA loved ones. CDNA is the compute-tuned model of RDNA and if AMD is going to test to problem Ampere in any AI, device discovering, or HPC markets, we’d assume the approaching architecture to direct the effort. For now, Nvidia’s Ampere carries on to personal the vast majority of GPU deployments in the AI/ML area.

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