Microsoft Updates Windows 11 to Ignore Browsers Other than Edge for Certain Links


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Microsoft is up to its previous tips yet again, yet again. A new update to its Windows 11 running program will make it not possible to circumvent its created-in net browser, Microsoft Edge, for precise hyperlinks these kinds of as those located in the Get started Menu, Widgets, and so on. Earlier, a little application named EdgeDeflector offered a workaround for this actions, but in accordance to its author’s website, a new make helps prevent his app from working entirely.

If you are not familiar with EdgeDeflector, it is an app that applied to be authorized to be established as the default application for inbound links with the header of “microsoft-edge://,” which are inbound links within just the Windows Shell that would open in Microsoft Edge. The app just re-routed those inbound links to https://, so they would open up in what ever you had established as your default browser. If you are not confident what yours is set to, simply just duplicate this url — microsoft-edge: — and type Windows Vital R, then paste it in the Run command, and hit Enter.

Formerly you could change one-way links associated with Edge to EdgeDeflector with a basic simply click.

In accordance to the software’s author, the new Home windows Insider Preview build #22494 defeats his app completely. There are no workarounds or registry hacks you can hire to get particular back links to open in any browser other than Edge, interval. This hyperlink behavior is paired with Microsoft including widgets and “web experiences” to Windows 11 that will mechanically open one-way links in Edge, and if you look for for anything in the Get started Menu, any hyperlink that seems will also only be permitted to be opened in Edge. Also, as you may well have knowledgeable beforehand, at the time you open up Edge the computer software will normally  nag you to make it your default browser (consider me back, please!). Anecdotally, we can recall putting in mundane updates to Home windows 10 that place a website link to Edge back in our Taskbar, so suffice to say this habits from Microsoft will arrive as a surprise to specifically nobody.

This is on top of Microsoft building it a lot more challenging to forever change the default browser in Windows 11. If you don’t established a new file association to “always use this app” the first time you run it, you will have to manually improve each individual single file affiliation for internet links to get them to not open up in Edge. There is a pattern here, clearly, and as the software writer notes, it hearkens back again to the olden days in which Microsoft was taken to process for endorsing its World wide web Explorer net browser about offerings from its rivals.

As far as what the long run retains for EdgeDeflector goes, it is wanting really bleak. The author writes, “There are nevertheless ways I can operate about the limitation, but every process left in my toolbox will demand creating damaging modifications to Windows. Variations that can result in issues for the user down the line, and troubles that I frankly really do not want to assist.” No further updates to the program will be forthcoming right until Microsoft reverses its place on the situation, which is unlikely. On the other hand, to be fair to Microsoft, a lot of end users do in fact love working with Edge now that is Chromium-dependent, and also the firm just entirely reversed training course by letting persons set up video games bought from its retailers anywhere they want, so we have viewed Microsoft hear to its shoppers. Perhaps they’ll do it once again in this article (but possibly not).

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