Omniverse Creator Takes Viewers Down an Artistic Time Tunnel in OmniRacer Video

Flicks like The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings inspired a lifelong journey in personal computer graphics for Piotr Skiejka, a senior visible outcomes artist at Ubisoft.

A headshot of Piotr Skiejka
Born in Poland and based in Singapore, Skiejka turned his childhood enthusiasm of taking part in with motion structure — as well as compositing, lights and rendering consequences — into a profession.

He was a short while ago named a winner of the #CreateYourRetroverse contest, in which creators making use of NVIDIA Omniverse shared scenes that flashback to when and where their love for graphics commenced.

Skiejka works by using the Omniverse real-time collaboration and simulation system for his 3D workflows when developing animation, film and video game scenes.

Around the previous 13 yrs, he’s labored on the visual consequences for a filmography of nearly two dozen listings, together with Marvel’s Avengers and an episode of Sport of Thrones, as nicely as numerous commercials and movie online games.

“I appreciate understanding new workflows and growing my creative understanding every single day, primarily in this kind of an evolving field,” he explained.

A Lord of the Rende(rings)

Skiejka’s resourceful course of action starts with accumulating references and producing a board comprehensive of pictures. Then, he blocks scenes in Omniverse, utilizing straightforward shapes and meshes to fill the place just before having a initially move at lighting.

After experimenting with a scene’s diverse levels, Skiejka replaces his blocked prototypes with large-resolution property — perfecting the lights and tweaking product textures as remaining touches.

View a spectacular case in point of his innovative process in this video clip, which was identified in the NVIDIA Omniverse #CreateYourRetroverse contest:

According to Skiejka, the most important difficulties he beforehand confronted have been lengthy rendering times and slow computer software feedback when lighting and shading.

“Now, with NVIDIA RTX technological know-how, render time is tremendously diminished, and visual feed-back happens in true time,” he said. “The Omniverse Kit framework and the Omniverse Nucleus server are exceptional game-changers and best additions to my workflow.”

Skiejka’s favorite function of the platform, nevertheless, is the Omniverse Create scene composition software. He mentioned it is “packed with useful extensions, like PhysX and Stream,” which he employed although coming up with the retroverse scene previously mentioned.

“I hope I confirmed the spirit of childhood in my #CreateYourRetroverse movie, and that this creative time tunnel between the previous and existing will inspire many others to showcase their encounters, way too,” Skiejka reported.

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