Red Alert: WD Sued for Selling ‘Inferior’ SMR Hard Drives to NAS Customers


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Back in April, facts broke that the essential laborious power vendors ranking been all transport laborious drives in step with shingled magnetic recording (SMR) abilities into the client channel somewhat than damaged-down laborious drives. SMR drives offer considerably much less performance than CMR drives in quite quite a bit of benchmarks, and now not with out a doubt one of many firms ranking been being utterly honest and clear about which product strains damaged-down SMR drives and which did now not.

While all three firms ranking been promoting SMR drives to shoppers with out fully disclosing it, Western Digital became the most easy company promoting them to NAS clients. Seagate and Toshiba every restricted their use of SMR to determined consumer drives.

WD Crimson is Western Digital’s NAS laborious power mark. These are in point of fact the laborious drives that Western Digital tells NAS users to resolve, that plan you’d request them to be honest at doing the issues a NAS is anticipated to attract.

ServeTheHome ran a elephantine suite of benchmarks on the 4TB WD Crimson NAS WD40EFAX (SMR) versus the 4TB WD Crimson NAS WD40EFRX (CMR). In the occasion you bustle habitual storage benchmarks on the ability, it appears to be to be like gorgeous honest — slower than the EFRX, nonetheless now not too unfavorable.

In the occasion you positively push the ability with one thing love a 125GB file copy or a RAIDZ resilver test, prepare to take a vacation whereas you live up for the rebuild to terminate:


Graph and facts by ServeTheHome. There’s a non-zero likelihood of an additional power failure one day of the ~10 days it’ll take to resilver the RAIDZ array.

1,009 minutes is 16.8 hours. 13,784 minutes is 9.57 days.

The lawsuit, filed by Hattis Law, alleges that Western Digital shifted to SMR drives to connect money and not using a regard for the performance affect this is in a position to ranking on its clients or the reality that it would render the drives “utterly nugatory for their intended scheme” (emphasis fashioned).

Hattis Law alleges that SMR drives categorically fail in RAID arrays by reporting indecent timeouts to the NAS design when requested to create abet random writes. SMR drives reportedly can’t create RAID scrubbing. When the WD Crimson explain first broke, extra than one NAS RAID users stated they ranking been unable to mix an SMR power exact into a RAID array constructed with CMR disks due to performance concerns and indecent timeouts. The Hattis Law lawsuit aligns with what we seen RAID users reporting at the time.

ServeTheHome’s tests be conscious that the EFAX power may per chance per chance perhaps perhaps work in a desktop context, nonetheless it has no popularity in a RAID array. The reality that Western Digital is explicitly advertising the SMR-equipped EFAX household as lawful for this scheme is tantamount to false advertising. It may per chance per chance perhaps perhaps now not matter whereas you happen to use an EFAX power as storage for a video digicam feed, nonetheless these drives clearly ranking essential concerns in RAID arrays.

Western Digital has now not commented on the explain, nonetheless it continues to sell SMR WD Crimson drives into this popularity. We recommend staying away from any products within the WD Crimson line-up with the EFAX model number — use EFRX drives whereas you happen to’re constructing a RAID array on these products.

It’s that you just presumably can imagine that these drives create adequately in some kinds of RAID array, nonetheless the STH tests prove that there are actual-world cases where they very grand draw now not. That’s now not being communicated to Western Digital clients. In the occasion you’ve offered an SMR WD Crimson power and feel you’ve been defrauded, you presumably can register as fragment of the category dash swimsuit right here.

Feature image of WD Crimson HDDs, now not the instruct units discussed right here. 

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