Reusing Your Current Intel Heatsink for Alder Lake May Be a Bad Idea


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When Intel launches Alder Lake later this year, it’ll also transition from the LGA1200 socket introduced with Comet Lake to a new socket, LGA1700. LGA1700 is a new socket with appreciably a lot more pins and it is not the identical condition as Intel’s preceding LGA115x / LGA1200 sockets.

Igor’s Lab has released some information on the new socket, with drawings and diagrams that surface to be legitimate. They demonstrate a slightly larger sized motherboard plate (78mm x 78mm, when compared with 75mm x 75mm for present-day LGA1200), but the shape of the CPU alone is now decidedly rectangular.

Graphic by Igor’s Lab

The new CPU’s various condition could induce issues for any individual hoping to reuse a CPU cooler. It is fully achievable — even most likely — that LGA1700 CPUs will have cores and sizzling places in distinctive actual physical destinations on the chip. Some heatsinks may well not deal with the complete CPU core correctly. This could also utilize to AIO watercoolers. Those people with smaller blocks might not cool the chip correctly, and the microchannels in the heatsink may well not be in great locations. Igor thinks Xeon and Threadripper coolers may well function for this new set up mainly because individuals sockets are extra rectangular. It relies upon on what kind of conversion kits grow to be accessible and which manufacturers aid them.

Picture by Igor’s Lab

A further wrinkle in the scenario is z-peak. LGA1200 supported z-heights of 7.312mm to 8.249mm. LGA1700 is thinner, with a z-height of 6.529 to seven.532mm. It’s not very clear if the lessened Z-top is a consequence of Intel’s die shaving, which improves warmth dissipation, or if the business was equipped to minimize socket peak via other changes. Either way, the two specifications only overlap at the incredibly base and incredibly best of their respective ranges.

Some conversion kits could possibly be able to deal with this by altering the peak of the foundation the cooler sits on, but this will rely on what sort of CPU cooler you have. Igor notes that heatsinks with heatpipes supposed to directly call the CPU could fare particularly inadequately if Alder Lake’s warm spots are in diverse spots than Rocket Lake and preceding CPUs.

We’re not preemptively declaring that no conversion package will function. Businesses these types of as Noctua have designed a standing for outstanding components, and I truly never believe the corporation would launch a conversion package for a product if it could not supply an appropriate expertise. Really don’t be astonished, nevertheless, if it turns out that a ton of superior-conclude coolers for conventional AMD and Intel CPUs right now (as opposed to Threadripper and Xeon) cannot be very easily tailored for Intel’s new system. In this case, there may possibly be fantastic cause to choose for a new CPU, if you strategy to upgrade when Alder Lake will come out.

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