Rumor Mill: Nvidia Prepping Flagship RTX 3090 Ti GPU


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If there’s a person point the gaming earth demands proper now it’s an additional outrageously pricey and unobtainable graphics card, and Nvidia is heeding the phone with studies of an alleged leading-tier GPU waiting around in the wings. Dubbed the RTX 3090 Ti, this whole-blown Ampere card will offer you the entirety of the GA102 die’s general performance envelope, along with bigger clocked memory from Micron to aid distance the card from its lowly RTX 3090 predecessor.

The rumor springs forth from Twitter user Uniko’s components, who tweets the new GPU will aspect new 21Gb/s memory from Micron, which is a little bit of a increase from the memory made use of in the present-day RTX 3090, which runs at roughly 19.5Gb/s. The memory chips also element twice the potential of the former modules, so only fifty percent the selection will be necessary to attain the allotted 24GB of GDDR6X in the new GPU. This reduction in memory chips must enable the card to run a bit cooler, inspite of all those chips requiring much more electricity than the former model thanks to the bigger clock speeds. The GPU will also preserve the same 384-little bit bus as the latest card, allowing for it to theoretically present up to 1TB/s of memory bandwidth.

Other salient specs involve the entire allotment of GA102’s horsepower, like 10,752 CUDA cores (up from 10,496), the aforementioned 24GB of a super-quickly memory, and a overall board electricity of all-around 400w or so, which is 50w more than the existing RTX 3090. That is an raise in core count of two.five p.c, and when you throw in the faster memory, it appears clever to believe that all round the new GPU will be about 5 percent more rapidly than the prior GPU. There is no information and facts at this time about claimed clock speeds, on the other hand. WCCFtech is reporting that inspite of currently being more highly effective than the card it replaces, MSRP must keep on being the exact at $one,499.

If this card does in fact exist, its arrival follows a sample set up by Nvidia in the previous, where it released a minimize-down model of its greatest die first, then follows up with an unfettered “big” edition of the chip at the conclude of the product’s lifecycle, while beforehand it was branded Titan. Nvidia seems to have deserted the Titan naming altogether for some explanation, and is now swapping back again-and-forth involving Super and Ti for upgraded versions of its current GPUs. Whilst it favored Super in the earlier Turing era, it has switched to Ti for its Ampere updates.

However, the information of this card’s imminent launch begs the question, “Why?” We previously have an RTX 3080 Ti, which is incredibly close in specs to the RTX 3090, apart from having half the memory. Not to point out the reality that neither of these GPUs just can’t be procured for wherever near their MSRP, leaving them costing above $two,000 on 3rd-celebration websites, assuming you can even find a person for sale.

Regardless, this rumored GPU is intended to crack cover in January 2022, maybe as the company’s large announcement for CES. Go chat to your mortgage officer now, and check out this area.

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