Samsung Is the Latest SSD Manufacturer Cheating Its Customers


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In the previous 11 times, the two Important and Western Electronic have been caught swapping the TLC NAND utilized for selected products with inferior QLC NAND without the need of updating item SKUs or informing reviewers that this transform was happening. Transport a person item to reviewers and a different product or service to customers is unacceptable and we recently suggested that visitors acquire SSDs from Samsung or Intel in lieu of WD or Critical.

As of nowadays, we have to just take Samsung off that checklist. Just one big difference in this circumstance is that Samsung is not swapping TLC for QLC — it’s swapping the travel controller TLC for a diverse, inferior drive controller. The net outcome is nonetheless a steep effectiveness drop in sure exams. We have requested Intel to specially verify it does not interact in this form of consumer-hostile behavior and will report again if it does.

The other beats of this tale are acquainted. experiences on a YouTube Channel, 潮玩客, which as opposed two diverse versions of the Samsung 970 Plus. Both of those drives are labeled with the very same sticker declaring them to be a 970EVO Furthermore, but the aspect numbers are unique. A single generate is labeled the MZVLB1T0HBLR (older, very good) and a person is the MZVL21T0HBLU (more recent, inferior).

Proper-click on and open in a new window for a comprehensive-sizing impression. (Image: 潮玩客)

Peel the sticker back, and the chips underneath are alternatively distinct. The Phoenix travel (best) is older than the Elpis travel on the base. Computerbase claims a output day of April 2021 for the Phoenix, but if the 2110 and 2123 codes are production dates, this would seem to be to indicate March and June. It is doable that Samsung takes advantage of certain numerical codes for every thirty day period. Possibly way, the Phoenix drive is older and a lot quicker and the Elpis drive is newer and slower.

Correct-click and open in a new window for a whole-sizing image. (Photo: 潮玩客)

And — just as we’ve viewed from Very important and Western Electronic — general performance in some benchmarks immediately after the swap is just fine, although other benchmarks crater. Here’s what create general performance appears to be like when calculated about the entirety of both equally drives:

Suitable-click and open in a new window for a whole-measurement picture. (Photo: 潮玩客)

The authentic 970 Furthermore commences with sound efficiency and retains it for the complete 200GB exam. The ideal-hand SSD is even more quickly than the OG 970 Furthermore till we strike the 120GB mark, at which stage functionality drops to 50 percent of what it was. Genuine-planet file copies also bear this out, with 1 generate holding 1.58GB/s and 1 at 830MB/s. TLC hasn’t been swapped for QLC, but the 50 % efficiency hit in some checks is as negative as what we see when it has been.

The only issue worse than exploring a vendor is cheating men and women is discovering that heaps of sellers have evidently made a decision to cheat people today. I really don’t know what variety of substances acquired passed about the very last time NAND companies threw themselves a summit, but following time there requirements to be far more ethics and fewer marijuana. Or perhaps there needs to be more ethics and marijuana, but fewer toluene. I’m open up to tips, actually.


Let me tackle some of the regular excuses out of the gate.

“It’s good since 800GB/s is however actually quick.”

“It’s wonderful since men and women really do not duplicate additional than 120GB of information at a time.”

“It’s good because it is however TLC NAND, not QLC NAND.”

“It’s good for the reason that all people else is undertaking it.”

No, it isn’t.

I’ve by now penned just one write-up this week with the title “Why Lying About Storage Goods is Lousy.” The situations of the past 7 days beggar belief. Did some silicon Voldemort reactivate a lengthy-dormant “Screw your consumers!” sigil in the sky? Are you remaining collectively blackmailed? Is the Illuminati involved?

When NAND first hit the purchaser market, there were being a large amount of worries all-around longevity and item high quality. Although there have been exceptions, the the greater part of customer SSDs from big organizations over the very last decade have been sound drives. Concerns with travel makers bait-and-switching customers like we’ve viewed this 7 days have happened, but they’ve usually been confined to a single corporation at at the time. Samsung has been a major player in the NAND sector from the commence and has liked a fantastic standing with the basic neighborhood.

The pandemic is no excuse for this. The pandemic didn’t drive Samsung to create “970 EVO Plus” on equally goods. These solutions are not equivalent. They are not fungible to anybody who wishes to duplicate more than 120GB of facts.

A 120GB cache may perhaps seem like it’s enough for most situations, but it is not a actual cache — it’s repurposed/empty TLC (or QLC) NAND which is currently being handled as an SLC publish buffer. The significantly less free house on your generate, the a lot less cache you have. The generate just can’t give you with 120GB of SLC with no about 360GB of vacant TLC (or 480GB of QLC) and how a great deal cache it can deliver you at any supplied minute will depend on how a lot you have not long ago created to the drive, how recently it executed garbage assortment/TRIM, and how a great deal free room you have. That 125GB SLC cache is at its major and swiftest when the generate is new and generally empty. As the push fills and methods two/three capability, the whole quantity of cache and in general drive efficiency will each get started to drop.

A person extra time, for the firms at the back again of the place who might or could not be consuming paste: When you ship 1 solution to reviewers and an additional to clients, you problems trust involving the evaluation neighborhood and yourselves, concerning internet websites and their readership, and in between viewers and yourselves. You really encourage persons to suppose the worst about your willingness to place profit in advance of the customer encounter. You erode the willingness of the community to get your functionality guarantees on faith.

Do you want the launch of long term Samsung merchandise to be met with jeers of “Yeah, but how will it carry out a calendar year from now?”

Do you think it’s very good for Samsung’s manufacturer loyalty if people are forced to participate in detective in buy to make specified they are not acquiring the inferior edition of your product or service that you refuse to recognize as these?

The product or service is not the problem. The lying by omission, missing efficiency, and dishonorable behavior are the difficulty.

We’ll update this story with whatsoever Intel has to say and we have presently reached out to a quantity of producers to inquire as to irrespective of whether they are partaking in this apply.

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