Speed of Light: SLAC’s Ryan Coffee Talks Ultrafast Science


Ryan Coffee, senior analysis scientist at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford, blows issues up for a living.

Neatly, practically. He analysis particle physics. However Coffee jokes, “This sounds be pleased fancy X-ray diffraction and molecular shape and motion, however in actuality, we’re blowing [molecules] up in actuality like a flash.”

Coffee spoke with AI Podcast host Noah Kravitz about his work at SLAC as nicely as his upcoming GTC Digital session, EdgeAI: Turning Files into Files from the Level of Production Toward an HPC Ecosystem.

Key Ideas From This Episode:

  • In his GTC Digital squawk, Coffee will focus on how the next abilities of X-ray free electron lasers will plan huge portions of data, that would possibly perhaps possibly well simply decide to be processed as shut to the sensor as conceivable.
  • Coffee took the time to reply to questions from Kravitz’s friends and household about all the issues from data bargain to the implications of taking pictures and processing data on a scale of terabytes per 2d.


“We don’t contain time to mosey fat-blown calculations and simulations, however we construct contain time to mosey inference engines.” — Ryan Coffee [16:58]

“As our detectors turn out to be very versatile and can address errors in intriguing methods, and they’ll commence to define what other folks are doing — I mediate right here’s a much brighter arrangement forward for a partnership between synthetic or augmented intelligence and human creativity.” — Ryan Coffee [33:50]

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