The best AIO cooler: the top liquid coolers for your CPU in 2020


The pleasant AIO cooler may maybe well also seem love overkill given that the finest gaming CPUs are in total increasing their efficiency-to-TDP ratios with each contemporary open. However this elevated CPU effectivity doesn’t necessarily make for lower temps, as producers can as a substitute focal point on cramming in additional transistors and asserting earlier heat output. Appropriate stare upon the Intel Core i9 10900Satisfactory and also you’ll receive the muse – CPUs can light slump mighty sizzling. Whereas air cooling does the job correct elegant, you potentially can even must drag the total hog and install the compatible liquid cooler to maintain your parts running high quality and frigid (especially whereas you’ve discovered how to overclock and must crank some extra efficiency out of your CPU). And with every contemporary open of an extremely graphically intensive title love Shadow of the Tomb Raider, overclocking turns into far more par for the route.

The slay cooling producers have been assign to the test on our test bench, with all-in-one (AIO) liquid CPU coolers from AlphaCool, Thermaltake, NZXT, Arctic, and naturally Corsair. However why attain it be necessary to switch all out on a CPU cooler? In case which that you just can well must push your processor’s clock speeds to satisfy its capability then it be necessary to be distinct overheating isn’t a component, and that’s where liquid coolers would maybe be found in.

You may maybe well maybe also think water shouldn’t mix with electronics, but an efficient pump and radiator combo will switch heat far from that CPU faster than which that you just may be ready to recount ‘thermal throttling’. (That, and the liquid is generally a aggregate of water and other coolants). For certain, they ceaselessly characteristic more RGB LEDs than which that you just may be ready to shake a stick at, so you needn’t panic about coloration-matching with the leisure of your rig.

All-in-one liquid coolers snatch the total peril out of inserting the soggy stuff inner your PC. You can blueprint your absorb custom loops, taking in GPU cooling whereas you’re at it, but that’s far more in-depth and a chief tag mission in its absorb compatible.

AIO coolers, on the opposite hand, may maybe well also even be plan up in half an hour and light make a tangible distinction to your gaming PC.

Listed right here are the compatible AIO coolers:

AlphaCool Eisbaer 240

The finest AIO cooler is the AlphaCool Eisbaer 240.

AlphaCool has if truth be told outdone itself with the Eisbaer 240. This cooler got right here out on top of our cooling charts, which is the critical reason we think this is the compatible CPU cooler in an AIO kit, and it’s low-mark apart from. AlphaCool also keeps things no longer unique with its quarter-traipse connectors and refillable loop, adding even more lifespan and capability for upgrading down the street. All this makes the Eisbaer 240 definitively the compatible liquid cooler.

In ditching the instrument for this no longer-so-closed-loop cooler, AlphaCool has made it so as that this edifying chiller runs straight out of your BIOS. It’s no longer the flashiest of the total chip-chillers, and unfortunately there’s no RGB lighting whereas you’re into that form of component, but with a almost all-sunless do, sleeved fan cables, and a semi-industrial gaze, this cooler blends in with your rig and will get on with the job at hand, making it one in every of the compatible CPU coolers which that you just may be ready to buy.

What we love…

Tick Gigantic thermal efficiency

Tick Cheap

Tick Refillable and expandable

AlphaCool Eisbaer 240 specs
Dimension 240mm
Followers 2x PWM 120mm
Compatibility AM4, LGA 1151, LGA 2011-3

Read the PCGamesN AlphaCool Eisbaer 240 review for our beefy verdict and glean.

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Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240

The finest low-mark AIO cooler is the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240.

Arctic is providing the most cost-high quality chiller we’ve regarded at by far. However Arctic is one in every of the few producers to consist of sufficient fans within the sector to plan up a beefy push/pull configuration compatible out of the sector. Thanks to these extra fans spinning away for your rig, this budget CPU cooler provides immense cooling capability and price for money, and used to be almost our pick because the compatible liquid cooler total.

With mark/efficiency metrics off the charts, it’s if truth be told no surprise the Liquid Freezer used to be a end 2d for the pinnacle converse. No it’s removed from the prettiest do on this planet, and Arctic have ditched the total RGB flair, but in return you receive a cooler that will get the job done – without a useless factors, and no traumatic instrument. Kudos, Arctic.

What we love…

Tick Cheap

Tick Gigantic efficiency

Tick Four fans integrated

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 specs
Dimension 240mm
Followers 4x PWM 120mm
Compatibility AM4, LGA 1151, LGA 2033, LGA 2066
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Corsair H100i Expert RGB

The quietest AIO cooler is the Corsair H100I Expert RGB.

The most modern update to the normal Corsair H100i liquid CPU cooler isn’t correct about that contemporary ring of LED light around the shrunken pump. It’s no longer even referring to the slicker radiator do, both. No, the compatible component referring to the contemporary H100i Expert RGB is the noise it makes… or pretty the lack of noise.

Thanks to the neat-aloof maglev fans integrated within the kit, and the addition of a Zero RPM mode, the Expert RGB can protect almost completely restful for as a rule your PC’s online. Relying on the float of water and the passive cooling of the radiator on my own, the H100i will maintain the CPU frosty sufficient no longer to desire to panic the fans till you originate to if truth be told thrash it. That suggests in a quantity of games, ones that are more GPU and no more CPU dependent, you potentially can even merely no longer hear the fans in any admire.

What we love…

Tick Shut to-restful

Tick Maglev fans

Tick Appropriate instrument

Corsair H100i Expert RGB specs
Dimension 240mm
Followers 2x PWM 120mm maglev
Compatibility AM4, LGA 1151, LGA 2011-3

Read the PCGamesN Corsair H100i Expert RGB review for our beefy verdict and glean. 

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Thermaltake 240 Water 3.0

The finest RGB AIO cooler is the Thermaltake 240 Water 3.0.

Thermaltake’s Water 3.0 is the marginally more budget-kindly model of its Top rate Floe Riing 240 cooler. It ditches the RGB pump lighting and the app reinforce, fortunately, but light delivers low-noise efficiency with far more flash. The fan controller within the sector controls fan lighting profiles, but it also permits for both low-noise mode or celebrated mode for efficiency.

At stock speeds, this RGB CPU cooler is more than edifying, and as one in every of the most cost-high quality alternate choices it’s a immense buy for anyone that desires a aloof liquid-cooled tag. This cooler is edifying with some peaceable clockspeed tuning, but for something else far more intensive, you potentially can even must gaze in utterly different locations.

What we love…

Tick RGB-palooza

Tick Straight forward hardware controller

Tick Serene

Thermaltake 240 Water 3.0 specs
Dimension 240mm
Followers 2x PWM 120mm
Compatibility AM4, LGA 1151, LGA 2033, LGA 2066
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NZXT Kraken X62

The finest taking a gaze AIO cooler is the NZXT Kraken X62.

NZXT loves to make its merchandise stand out from the crew, and the Kraken X62 isn’t any varied. This pudgy 280mm cooler factors a definite infinity replicate lighting do that makes the Kraken X62 an extra special tag centrepiece.

General, this is the most pleasing-taking a gaze cooler of the lot. NZXT has a definite flair for lavish designs, and also you won’t receive many other coolers that arrangement the concept far from a flashy graphics card as considerable because the Kraken x62. Sadly, NZXT couldn’t elevate this level of component over to its CAM app, which left this chiller with mediocre efficiency. In case you aren’t alarmed of kicking fan maintain watch over motivate to BIOS, then it wants to be, a minimal of, a quieter unit. It’s no longer the compatible liquid cooler, but it does gaze extra special.

What we love…

Tick Honest do

Tick Gigantic efficiency

Dimension 280mm
Followers 2x PWM 140mm
Compatibility AM4, LGA 1151, LGA 2033, LGA 2066

maintain your gaming PC frosty

Here’s our at hand video info on how to maintain your gaming PC frosty. PCGamesN also has a beefy info on how to maintain your gaming PC frosty.

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AIO cooler buying info

Obvious, going to the intense effort of adding a beefy water cooling loop to your gaming rig will give you the compatible aggregate of efficiency and pretties, but it takes a hell of a quantity of work. And whereas you’re no longer building a showpiece machine, or a neat-overclocker, then possibilities are you correct desire something straightforward to sit back your chips with.

And that’s the elegance of the all-in-one liquid cooler. The AlphaCool Eisbaer is our present favourite AIO cooler, providing the formulation to widen out the closed loop thanks to its no longer unique quarter-traipse connectors and refillable reservoir. It’s no longer too costly both.

However Corsair’s fluctuate delivers some extra special liquid coolers too, with the Expert RGB Expert ready to slump in a completely restful, passive mode, and the 280mm model providing immense chip-chilling efficiency.

Then at the more budget slay of the market, the Arctic Liquid Freezer is the most cost-high quality AIO cooler, but light comes with four fans to enable a push-pull setup for added cooling. Now there’s no excuse no longer to liquid sit back your chips.

AIO cooler mark checklist

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