The Supposed ‘AMD Radeon 6900 XT’ Slides Are Completely Fake


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There’s a brand recent keep of slides being handed around that supposedly showcase AMD’s upcoming Radeon 6900 XT. They’re fully false. Right here’s the fashion you can expose:


Within the main trail, the branding has been up to this level at the upper lawful, however the branding on the actual GPU hasn’t been. Additionally, that’s a Radeon 5700 cooler with a Vega water-cooler subsequent to it, and there’s a clear flaw in the image where the radiator attaches to the cardboard.

The specs themselves are magnificent cheap. I’m no longer asserting how well kindly I suspect they’re, however the specs are presumably the most efficient share of the trail that isn’t straight false. At the least, I’d want to glean out a calculator and trip some numbers first.

The truth that there’s a designate on the cardboard is another manner this trail is fake. Model is always the final thing a firm decides on.


This trail made me chortle out loud after I saw it. Whoever created this work of art work has by no manner, ever, talked to someone in marketing.

Advertising and marketing and marketing, my chums, is all about optimism. That you would possibly additionally demonstrate, as an illustration, that as soon as AMD declared Ryzen would enjoy an IPC 1.4x bigger than Excavator, they didn’t stop so with an huge trail labeled NO MORE BULLDOZENT


If AMD became as soon as ever going to whip out the “No More Compromises” play, you’d think they’d stop it here.

There’s no manner in hell AMD would ever advertise RDNA2 in a manner that implied RDNA or any old GPU became as soon as “compromised.” AMD is soundless shipping Vega silicon in its APUs and as share of its compute substitute.

AMD is no longer going to call its ray tracing implementation “RXRT,” and the estimated efficiency impression of enabling the feature is hilarious, to position it flippantly.

I became as soon as no longer in particular extremely delighted with Turing when it came out and I search info from both Ampere and RDNA2 to present wonderful efficiency in ray tracing workloads, but there’s no chance in any appreciate that AMD takes a 5-9 percent penalty for enabling ray-tracing outcomes. If accurate-time ray tracing most efficient carried a 5-10 percent efficiency penalty relative to rasterization, we’d enjoy integrated RTRT a truly prolonged time ago.

The peculiar efficiency hit for the employ of ray tracing is extra alongside the lines of 50-80 percent. Because we most efficient enjoy one abilities of hardware from one firm, we don’t know the map principal that number will also be improved — alternatively it beggars belief to think AMD has lower it by nearly an expose of magnitude. It’s no longer even certain which RTX video games will toughen RDNA2 ray tracing out of the gate.


The “Last 4K Gaming Ride” is plot-on for a marketing trail, but AMD doesn’t give you recreation detail settings in the bars of its slides, and they don’t mark up the y-axis to the level that it be crucial to twist your neck esteem an owl in discuss in confidence to be taught it.

Additionally, correct to creep looking out gracious efficiency in Purple Ineffective Redemption, a recreation that by no manner bought a PC free up. Never heard of “Witcher 3,” either, for the explanation that accurate name of the sequence is “The Witcher.”

This is what it appears esteem when of us with extra aspiration than Photoshop strive to troll AMD fans. There’s a fixed trust language to AMD’s trail decks and a fixed manner that companies discuss about their products. These slides fail at both.

I expose this GPU a brand recent and varied product below the sun. Presenting the AMD Radeaint 6900 XT, launching September 2020.

Unbiased image is the AMD Radeon 5700 XT.

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This feature would possibly perhaps perhaps well additionally unbiased fashion affiliate commissions from the hyperlinks on this page. Terms of employ.

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