What Is GauGAN? How AI Turns Your Words and Pictures Into Stunning Art


GauGAN, an AI demo for photorealistic image generation, will allow everyone to make beautiful landscapes using generative adversarial networks. Named after put up-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, it was established by NVIDIA Study and can be professional free as a result of NVIDIA AI Demos.

How to Build With GauGAN

The newest version of the demo, GauGAN2, turns any combination of terms and drawings into a lifelike image. End users can only style a phrase like “lake in entrance of mountain” and push a button to make a scene in genuine time. By tweaking the textual content to a “lake in entrance of snowy mountain” or “forest in front of mountain,” the AI product quickly modifies the graphic.

Artists who like to attract a scene on their own can use the demo’s smart paintbrush to modify these text-prompted scenes or start off from scratch, drawing in boulders, trees or fluffy clouds. Clicking on a filter (or uploading a custom made graphic) lets people to experiment with distinctive lights or apply a distinct portray design to their creations.

AI Behind the GauGAN2 Demo

At the coronary heart of GauGAN2 are generative adversarial networks, or GANs — a type of deep understanding product that requires a pair of neural networks: a generator and a discriminator. The generator produces synthetic visuals. The discriminator, trained on millions of real landscape photos, provides the generator network pixel-by-pixel comments on how to make the synthetic photographs more reasonable.

Over time, the GAN product learns to develop convincing imitations of the true earth, with mountains mirrored in AI-generated lakes and trees shedding their leaves when a scene is modified with the word “winter.”

Landscape generated by GauGAN2

When people attract their individual doodle or modify an existing scene in the GauGAN2 demo, they are performing with segmentation maps — large-amount outlines that history the place of objects in a scene. Person places are labeled with characteristics like sand, river, grass or flower, offering the AI product guidance on how to fill in the scene.

GauGAN has been wildly popular considering that it debuted at NVIDIA GTC in 2019 — it is been made use of by artwork instructors in schools, in museums as an interactive art show and by millions on the net.

Artwork directors and principle artists from top rated film studios and movie match companies had been amongst the imaginative specialists fascinated in GauGAN as a instrument to prototype thoughts for their get the job done. So NVIDIA Studio, a system to support creators, arrived out with a desktop application: NVIDIA Canvas.

NVIDIA Canvas delivers the technological know-how driving GauGAN to gurus in a structure suitable with existing resources like Adobe Photoshop, and lets artists use NVIDIA RTX GPUs for a more fluid, interactive knowledge.

To learn a lot more about the AI behind GauGAN, register free for NVIDIA GTC and tune in to the session “Expressing Your Imagination with GauGAN2,” Thursday, March 24, at 10 a.m. Pacific.

NVIDIA GTC operates on the web March 21-24. To hear the most recent in AI study, tune in to the keynote handle by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang on March 22 at 8 a.m. Pacific.

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