What is the best AMD motherboard for gaming in 2020?


The most productive AMD motherboard can also merely composed provide the full connectivity and facets that you just wish for an more cost effective impress. On this manual, we examine a unfold of Ryzen AM4 motherboards, from budget B450 boards to 300-sequence Ryzen 3000-admire minded boards to the most up-to-date X570 boards, providing you with the full lot you will need to fetch the finest Ryzen motherboard to your like rig.

Picking the finest AM4 board is key in getting the most out of your fresh AMD Ryzen CPU – be that a most fundamental, 2nd, or third generation chip. You don’t must head for the most up-to-date X570 motherboard either, for the reason that older 300-sequence boards from the likes of Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASRock are composed seriously obedient, fully admire minded, and loads extra inexpensive.

AM4 is a no doubt real platform with impressive doable future-proofing on provide. Most 400-sequence (and a few 300-sequence) motherboards require most productive a diddy BIOS change to catch working with AMD Ryzen 3000 chips, and trace fresh motherboards will comprise a decal that reads “AMD Ryzen Desktop 3000 Ready” if a admire minded BIOS has been pre-installed already. In every other case it is doubtless you’ll seemingly seemingly also merely first must boot your diagram with a most fundamental- or 2nd-gen Ryzen chip in dispute to change.

However that doesn’t necessarily mean it is doubtless you’ll seemingly seemingly also receive any ol’ AMD motherboard with a admire minded AM4 socket to your Ryzen chip – there are a bunch of heaps of elements you’ll must abet in suggestions sooner than finding the with out raze dwelling to your fresh CPU. Assign it is doubtless you’ll seemingly seemingly also merely possess a PCIe 4.0 SSD? Assign you aspire to speed a multi-GPU rig? Assign you’re looking out out for to manufacture a micro machine PC?

What’s the finest AMD motherboard for gaming in 2020?

It’s seemingly no longer grand of a surprise to appear Asus sitting at the cessation of the checklist, with the Asus ROG Strix X470-F Gaming our fetch for the finest AMD motherboard. We’ve gone for the X470 reasonably than the X570 version merely thanks to the enormous impress top rate real to catch PCIe 4.0 connectivity, and the scarcity of any tangible performance incompatibility.

However Asus doesn’t possess all of it its like skill as both MSI and Gigabyte possess amazing boards of their like merely, particularly must you’re after something extra inexpensive to manufacture your Ryzen gaming rig around.

Best AMD gaming motherboard runner-up Asus ROG STRIX X470 F Gaming

Greatest AMD motherboard for gaming

Asus ROG Strix X470-F Gaming

Approx. $170 £184

What we admire…

Tick More inexpensive than X570 that it is doubtless you’ll seemingly seemingly also imagine picks

Tick  deal of facets

Tick Ports galore

Certain, we’re composed recommending the Asus ROG Strix X470-F Gaming to head with our approved Ryzen processors even right this moment. That’s on memoir of, whereas AMD has launched the X570 chipset to head with the 7nm Ryzen 3000 sequence CPUs, it’s retained backwards compatibility, and this particular board has been proven real as obedient with regards to CPU performance.

It also delivers higher general overclocking performance than the heaps of X470 boards, even managing to cessation-enough match the most up-to-date X570 boards. And whereas this board is expensive, it’s more inexpensive than its more moderen that it is doubtless you’ll seemingly seemingly also imagine picks and incredibly characteristic-wealthy to boot. So must it is doubtless you’ll seemingly seemingly also inch on PCIe 4.0 make stronger, there’s composed existence on this aged canine but.

Read our full Asus ROG Strix X470-F Gaming overview.

Broad for sizable-snappy ssds

ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi)

Approx. $185 | £195

What we admire…

Tick PCIe 4.0

Tick Wi-Fi

Tick Just wealthy

Even a ‘budget’ X570 is a appreciable investment. In the end, the chipset has been made almost completely for excessive-cessation, fanatic boards. But the more inexpensive motherboards within the vary right this moment provide the finest blend of performance, functionality, and affordability must you completely will must possess right this moment’s high tech.

The Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi) is the most rate-efficient X570 motherboard we’ve examined, and as such that makes it the most impress-efficient entry level into the PCIe 4.0 ecosystem. This would possibly perchance occasionally composed residence you support a ways extra cash than what is required by old AM4 TUF Gaming motherboards, but must it is doubtless you’ll seemingly seemingly no longer resolve for anything else lower than the most up-to-date interconnect specification – and I know ya’ll are thirsty for bandwidth – then the extra than obedient TUF board can also merely composed peep you thru.

Read our full Asus TUF Gaming X570-PLUS (WI-FI) overview.

sizable for that lit rig

MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon

Approx. $170 | £170

What we admire…

Tick Life like X470

Tick You know you wish that RGB

Tick Sturdy

MSI’s Gaming Pro Carbon is one amongst the most inexpensive of the X470 crew, but don’t let that idiot you into thinking it’s gentle on facets. With the exception of the RGB LED downlighting impressed by The Rapid and the Excited, MSI has also ensured it’s got the full bases covered on the specs front, moreover to the aesthetics.

The memory, GPU, and PCIe SSD slots possess all been bolstered to remain a ways off from ruin when poking parts into them, the screw holes are double-protected so that you just don’t fracture the PCB when installing, it’s added both AMD’s CrossFire and Nvidia’s SLI multi-GPU make stronger, and MSI has also specced-out a pair of VR-ready USB ports too. So it’s got the performance chops and it’s also an impressively characteristic-wealthy board for cash – a worthwhile runner-up.


Greatest Excessive-cessation AMD motherboard


Approx. $358 | £320

What we admire…

Tick Stuffed to the brim with functionality

Tick RGB lighting

Tick PCIe 4.0

As a total it’s complicated to indicate a hyper-excessive-cessation X570 motherboard. There’s shrimp or no performance to be won from the investment, and replacement the bonus facets included on these motherboards are unnecessary for all but the most avid LN2 overclockers. Still, must you no doubt must like the finest around, it’s got to be the MSI MEG X570 Ace.

This board facets a stout characteristic residence, with bolstered slots, Killer community make stronger, and three NVMe SSD ports. Oh, and it’s got an RGB LED infinity mirror built-in for that ‘daddy, daddy, possess a study me!’ ravishing. Obviously, on memoir of gaming. None of that is habitual to the Ace, but, mixed with PCIe 4.0 make stronger, it is doubtless you’ll seemingly seemingly also merely possess every indecent covered.

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sizable for connectivity

Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming

Approx. $299 | £230

What we admire…

Tick Greatest impress excessive-cessation

Tick Just wealthy

Tick Unbelievable connectivity

The Strix X570-E is totally an alluring provide. Whenever you’re selecting your parts to your gaming PC, a component of it is doubtless you’ll seemingly seemingly continuously are looking out out for to splash out on your motherboard real in case, and the X570-E is the correct responsible settle with heaps of USB ports, supreme styling, sizable storage connectivity, and amazing performance.

The Strix X570-E is on the full reasonably an linked to the Crosshair below, though attracts the road at fanatic functionality. On the other hand, even with out absurd facets that few ever contact ramping the price into the stratosphere, the X570 chipset composed comes at a impress, and even the Strix X570-E can’t catch away that. So simplest most productive abet in suggestions this board must you’re lower than focused on forking out your arresting-earned cash.

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sizable for manufacture quality

Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi)

Approx. $360 | £381

What we admire…

Tick Quality manufacture

Tick A complete bunch USB ports

Tick Beefy VRM

Asus’ Republic of Gamers trace is continuously about the excessive-cessation and that’s no heaps of with its AMD boards. The Strix X470 real about pips the Crosshair VIII at the cessation of the pile thanks to its favourable impress, but if cash’s no object, the Crosshair VIII takes the cake.

It’s all all the model down to the manufacture quality and characteristic-residence of the ROG board. It’s the most USB-amicable of the full X570 motherboards we’ve regarded at to this level, and must you’re spending this grand on a motherboard, you no doubt need it to be obedient of the full lot with out sacrifice. In the end, you’re paying for peace of suggestions that nothing has gone unsaid within the characteristic division with a motherboard of this calibre.

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Gigabyte AB350-GAMING 3

Greatest low impress AMD motherboard

Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3

Approx. $90 | £113

What we admire…

Tick Low-impress and overjoyed

Tick Supports Ryzen 3000

Tick Healthy sequence of ports

You can possess anticipated to appear a 400-sequence motherboard topping our checklist of the finest low impress AMD gaming motherboards. However, in proper terms, there’s treasured shrimp to spend between the B350 and either the X470, B450, or X370 boards in our tests. And, bearing in suggestions out of the full Ryzen chips AMD has launched, it’s the more inexpensive Ryzen 5 chips we’re recommending as our approved gaming CPUs – spending anything else over $100 on a supporting motherboard seems admire overkill.

And so Gigabyte’s smartly priced B350 board is the AM4 mobo we’d be lovingly jamming our Ryzen chips into – even Ryzen 3000. It’s most productive a exiguous impress to pay, and but, at stock settings it’s one amongst the most obedient of any of the AM4 boards we’ve examined to this level. The diagram back being it is a shrimp excessive on the energy/thermal facet of issues. It’s the toastiest of the boards, running hotter at both height and slothful temperatures, and that’s borne out by the actual fact it also attracts the most juice when running at full chat.

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Best AMD gaming motherboard runner-up Asus ROG Strix X470-I Gaming

Greatest compact AMD motherboard

Asus ROG STRIX X470-I Gaming

Approx. $190 | £282

What we admire…

Tick Teeny tiny

Tick Just-packed

Tick It’s so cute ^_^

Judge Yoda by his measurement, elevate out you? No, and so that you just shouldn’t. Likewise, Asus’s mighty X470-I gaming shouldn’t be judged purely on scale, either. It’s a minuscule Ryzen X470 motherboard that composed manages to pack in a wealth of facets and enough performance so it by no draw feels admire a compromise.

Well, it would possibly perchance perchance perchance seemingly well elevate out must you’re speaking about USB and SATA ports, but must you’re after server-level motherboard fare then the big ROG Crosshair boards are seemingly extra to your tastes. Inevitably, it’s a shrimp down within the final performance metrics compared with the heaps of high boards, but bearing in suggestions what Asus has packed into this tiny equipment it’s reasonably of a miracle mini motherboard.

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AMD AM4 motherboard socket

AMD has performed it merely constructing the motherboard platform for its Ryzen processors. It hasn’t tried to limit make stronger, it’s no longer opted to ask users enhance their boards for every and every single iterative CPU change. No, it’s created a real AM4 platform that is purported to make stronger every mainstream desktop AMD chip from right here to 2020.

And which draw you don’t must head for the ideal spec chipset in dispute to catch the finest performance from your Ryzen processor, and that’s why we’ve given the set up to Gigabyte’s good deal-priced B350 board. It has a characteristic residence that will cater to almost every gamer accessible, and delivers frame rate performance that is the equal of grand extra expensive choices.

On the extra excessive-cessation facet it’s arresting to appear previous the honest real-attempting MSI MEG X570 ACE. It’s characteristic-wealthy and performance heavy, but then, so is its impress.

Both skill, no matter your budget there’s a gigantic AM4 motherboard accessible real in a position to be built into a gigantic gaming rig.

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