What is the best game controller for PC in 2020? Pads, sticks, and wheels… oh my


Picking essentially the most efficient game controller for PC isn’t one thing you are going to serene turn your nose up at. Certain, we all admire mouse and keyboard, nonetheless in most cases controllers are simplest, relying on the game in request and, indubitably, the controller itself. From total analogue joystick controllers to paunchy-fledged plane cockpit rob an eye on replicas, controllers maintain a irritating-earned predicament within the PC gaming market.

Whether or no longer it’s a broad wired or wireless pad, an authentic or third-celebration gadget, having a smartly-constructed, contented controller can in actuality compose the variation to your game. So it’s necessary you compose the correct change.

We’ve checked out the authentic Microsoft Xbox One and Elite pads, as smartly because the best Sony DualShock controller. But the likes of Scuf and Razer are all making first rate selections whenever you happen to’re searching to peacock with a cool make or simply want a bunch of varied buttons at your thumbs’ disposal. But the best gamepad choice is set whether you favour the Xbox’s offset thumbstick make or the symmetrical PlayStation layout. There are die-laborious fans in both camp, nonetheless for our money the offset make gives you essentially the most efficient steadiness between rob an eye on and easy get entry to to the buttons.

But there are certain controllers for various game genres too. A flight or plot-based sim in actuality calls for a quality flightstick, especially one with a separate throttle for these BSG Viper-esque, non-Newtonian dogfights. And whenever you happen to’re a devoted racer then a steering wheel, with unbiased pressure-feedback, can shave precious seconds off your in-game lap instances. And might maybe even attach your existence, as I realized out…

What’s essentially the most efficient game controller for notebook computer in 2020?

It’s an extremely shut-fought fight, nonetheless we impart essentially the most efficient PC controller is the Xbox One wireless pad. It’s extremely smartly-constructed, with beautiful ergonomics, perfect triggers, and is always authentic. The offset D-pad/thumbstick layout might maybe erk the PlayStation faithful, nonetheless for our money we impart it essentially the most efficient change.

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But the DualShock 4 is an fundamental pad in its have correct, with fingers-down essentially the most efficient, most unbiased thumbsticks within the alternate. But whenever you happen to’re no longer troubled about the price, the Xbox One Elite Series 2 is the closing gamepad, from both a make and compose-quality level of gape.

Best PC controller - Microsoft Xbox Wireles Controller

Easiest controller for notebook computer

Microsoft Xbox One Wireless controller

Approx. $41 | £46

What we admire

Tick 3.5mm jack

Tick Mountainous offset layout

Tick Bluetooth toughen

The most modern wireless Xbox One pad is classy. For my money it’s essentially the most efficient PC controller you might maybe maybe also take all of a sudden. There will likely be a increasing nefarious of PC avid gamers lining up unhurried Sony’s DualShock 4 because the lunge-to gamepad, nonetheless the ever-so-somewhat of redesigned Xbox One pad’s bought all of it.

The total layout has barely changed from the very first Xbox One controllers, nonetheless inquisitive about how smartly conceived and solidly-constructed they had been that’s no unhealthy element. The steadiness of the pad within the paw is perfect and curved grip’s contented and smartly machined. The Xbox One wireless controller is a fantastically, ergonomically designed piece of peripheral hardware and it’s tricky to gape the contrivance in which it’s going to be bettered. For now it’s fully essentially the most efficient PC controller available within the market.

broad for the thumbsticks

Sony DualShock 4 controller

Approx. $49 | £45

What we admire

Tick Analogue stick supremacy

Tick 3.5mm jack

Tick Bluetooth toughen

PC toughen for the PlayStation’s DualShock 4 pad is increasing, both from avid gamers and from a technological level of gape. Valve has updated Steam to permit paunchy configuration of the DS4 within the same technique you might maybe maybe also mess with the (frankly rubbish, certain it’s miles… certain it’s miles) Steam controller. That doesn’t, alternatively, imply all Steam games will toughen it equally though.

I serene grab the Xbox pad’s offset layout, and these trigger buttons are imperfect, nonetheless the actual analogue sticks themselves are fingers down essentially the most efficient around. If most efficient we might maybe get an Xbox pad with the DS4’s sticks. Time to get modding…

broad for contrarian hipsters

Nintendo Swap Pro controller

Approx. $54 | £53

What we admire

Tick Impossible battery existence

Tick Incredibly smartly-constructed

Tick USB-C and Bluetooth

The Nintendo Swap Pro has been made in yell for the tiny console, nonetheless has been given its have Steam profile and can even be connected to your gaming PC with both a wireless Bluetooth connection or, whenever you happen to admire to must get configured in Steam, by ability of a USB-C cable.

And it’s a quality pad too, feeling acquire and reassuringly sturdy within the hand. The thumbsticks feel unbiased and the buttons fulfilling. It’s additionally bought an unparalleled 40-hour battery existence by ability of Bluetooth too. Unfortunately it does endure for being designed for the Swap because it lacks correct analogue triggers, one thing that’s necessary for a increasing change of games, and is basically necessary in any arcade racer that isn’t Mario Kart.

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2

Easiest high-conclude controller for notebook computer

Microsoft Xbox One Elite Series 2

Approx. $200 | £159

What we admire

Tick The total paddles

Tick Built-in battery

Tick Excessive compose quality

I imply, yeah, spending this necessary on a joypad might maybe seem pretty crazy, nonetheless the Elite Series 2 is one severely absolute best-searching controller. Nearly every little thing about it has been designed to easily impart ‘QUALITY!’ for your face. It’s an evolution over the old model reasonably than a revolution, nonetheless it’s bought every little thing we loved about the distinctive Elite, plus every little thing the competition has added to their high-conclude pads to maintain a maintain a examine and compete.

It’s fantastically constructed, impressively responsive, and extremely versatile too. But I’m serene no longer 100% obvious that it’s price that hefty a label top rate over the favorite Xbox One controller, which is why the Elite Series 2 isn’t down as our absolute, must-maintain, simplest PC controller in this test. It’s the pad you are going to aspire to, especially whenever you happen to’ve ever had one for your fingers, nonetheless it’s most positively a luxury reasonably than a necessity.

Be taught our paunchy Microsoft Xbox One Elite Series 2 analysis.

broad for mountainous buttons

Nacon Revolution Unlimited

Approx. $133 | £110

What we admire

Tick Mountainous compose quality

Tick Asymmetrical layout

Tick Dazzling thumbsticks

Many companies maintain tried to compare the everyday of Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite controller, nonetheless fully just a few maintain managed to nail its combine of necessary compose quality and extremely customisation. But Nacon’s pad succeeds in both and additionally manages to combine both the best PlayStation thumbsticks and touchpad with the Xbox asymmetrical layout.

Essentially the most efficient scenario is the tool. It refuses to connect except you’re wired in and some of it’s wordless iconry is borderline impenetrable. But there are a complete host of customisation alternate choices buried in there whenever you happen to in actuality are searching to lunge deep.

Be taught our paunchy Nacon Revolution Unlimited analysis.

broad for flow switch enthusiasts

Scuf Gaming Influence

Approx. £120

What we admire

Tick Plug-palooza

Tick Customisable

Tick Easiest of Xbox and PlayStation

Scuf Gaming does a complete host of necessary gaming controllers, in both Xbox One and Ps4 smooth. Meaning this would connect both by ability of the Microsoft wireless dongle or Bluetooth. But you compose additionally get a complete bunch of flow switches on both the Influence and the Infinity 1 controllers. They’re acquire, and require fairly somewhat of pressure to actuate, nonetheless meaning you won’t conclude up hitting them by accident. And they additionally attain in designer threads too. Gleaming.

But they’re additionally essentially the costliest pads we’ve checked out to this level. The Golden Dragon model especially – and you in actuality are paying over $200 for the privilege of sweating over some fraudulent dragon scales. The admire colors and the paddles switches are essentially the most efficient things which ticket these controllers out from the competition. But whenever you happen to admire to must peacock at the side of your pad, then Scuf will maintain you lined.

broad for rgb fans

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Chroma

Approx. $120 | £120

What we admire

Tick Clicky as heck

Tick RGB!

Tick Hundreds of added functionality

The Cult of Razer… from its Texas compound… has clearly taken one gape at the Xbox One Elite controller and mentioned, we are able to compose greater than that.

It’s going to’t. It’s added in some extra microswitched buttons to the Wolverine, some adjustable hair-triggers, dropped in a pair of pseudo flow switches on the underside of the pad and kept it in any other case very spruce. It’s an fundamental pad, nonetheless can’t fairly rob a candle to the Elite.

Best cheap PC controller - Easy SMX Wireless

Easiest low-label controller for notebook computer

EasySMX Wireless

Approx. $29 | £32

What we admire

Tick Low-label

Tick Wireless

Tick Precise layout

The EasySMX Wireless is proof obvious you don’t must utilize a fortune to get a smartly-constructed PC gaming controller. Certain, it’s losing just a number of the finesse of the assorted, more dear pads, and is more aping the distinctive Xbox 360 controller than the up-to-the-minute Xbox One model, nonetheless it’s bought a first rate battery existence and the wireless connection is acquire.

It’s additionally an absolute bargain, despite the truth that the triggers maybe don’t feel fairly as accomplised as you are going to need them to be. But it completely’s serene a acquire, authentic controller that doesn’t label the earth, and you might maybe even’t in actuality ask contrivance more than that.

Best PC flightstick - Thrustmaster Warthog

Easiest PC flightstick

Thrustmaster Warthog

Approx. $454 | £349

What we admire

Tick Fulfilling clicky switches

Tick Pudgy (it’s a unbiased element)

Tick Impossible throttle action

Thrustmaster’s Warthog flightstick is a reproduction of the controllers within the classic A-10 Tankbuster, reputedly hewn from the same militia-grade materials, and potentially most efficient somewhat of more cost-effective than a 2d-hand airplane. Certain, the Warthog is frighteningly dear, nonetheless whenever you happen to’re already searching to rob up a devoted flight-sim joystick then you definately’ve potentially bought pretty niche tastes – and right here’s essentially the most efficient technique to meet them.

The Warthog has been around for some time now, nonetheless I’ve serene considered no varied flightstick attain shut to the feeling I get when the utilize of it. It’s quite so much of cash, nonetheless serene manages to feel price it whenever you’re hurtling thru an asteroid belt, flipping on a pirate, and reducing their ship to limited bits of melty scrap. That mentioned, I’m serene fervent to gape what Logitech does with the Saitek value within the lengthy walk, then we might maybe explore some true flightstick-y competition.

Best PC steering wheel - Fanatec Clubsport

Easiest PC steering wheel

Fanatec Clubsport

Approx. $1,300 | £1,779

What we admire

Tick Impossible pressure feedback

Tick Modular

Tick Precision engineered

Sooo, yeah… the Fanatec Clubsport setup is the price of a highly fine gaming PC, nonetheless it’s miles additionally the stuff of gaming peripheral dreams. NSFW dreams. I imply, right here’s necessary tech pr0n stuff correct right here, and it’s all all of the formula down to easily how fantastically designed, created, and executed the Clubsport bundle is. When you happen to don’t lunge for one of many pre-configured bundles you’ll must compose your have, picking and selecting from a in actuality lengthy list of goodies.

The fundamental wheel corrupt is a connected all around the board, nonetheless then you definately might fit varied steering wheels, gearshifts, and pedals to the combine. And they’re all constructed out of acquire lumps of steel and precision engineered ingredients. The Fanatec gadget has fingers-down essentially the most efficient pressure feedback gadget I’ve ever frail, even all of the formula down to feedback from the pedals, too. I’d request why anyone the least bit would even rob in suggestions plugging this gorgeous little bit of hyper-dear bundle into an Xbox One, nonetheless for the smartly-off racing nut the Fanatec Clubsport gadget has me running out of superlatives.

broad for pressure feedback

Thrustmaster T300 RS

Approx. $317 | £330

What we admire

Tick Lower than the price of a automobile

Tick Precise pressure feedback

Tick Impossible wheel

By technique of the more realistically-priced racing wheels it’s a toss-up between Thrustmaster and Logitech. The T300RS isn’t Thrustmaster’s most costly option, nonetheless it’s miles serene an fundamental wheel on the change hand.

It might maybe maybe no longer maintain the faux-luxury, faux-leather of the G920 or G29 Logitech setups, nonetheless by technique of its pressure feedback Thrustmaster has virtually bought them pegged. I compose grab the pedals of Logitech, nonetheless it’s the racing feel you admire to maintain from a unbiased wheel and that’s why the T300RS crosses the assemble line unbiased before them.

So there you maintain it. Microsoft’s Elite Controller is the very pinnacle of PC controller goodness. But, whenever you happen to maintain a limited bit money to utilize the favorite Microsoft Xbox One Wireless controller can’t be in any other case beat. With sublime make and smartly-machined development raring to lunge, Microsoft has essentially the most efficient PC controller high two on lock down.

But that doesn’t fully disqualify just a number of the tricky competition. Private need can’t be solid apart, and absolute self perception just a few of you available within the market grab the parallel thumbstick make of the Dualshock 4. We’re additionally smartly-unsleeping of a vocal dozen or so avid gamers who even rob the Steam controller as their weapon of change.

“It unbiased takes some time to get frail to,” or so that they are saying – with misplaced self perception, might maybe I add. They’re clearly unhealthy and are mostly searching to interpret their have interaction, and the hours they’ve attach into ‘perfecting’ their profiles. Those of us are in most cases simplest shunned…

And for the budget-unsleeping of you searching for essentially the most efficient low-label PC controller, it doesn’t get considerably greater than the Easy SMX wireless. While it might well probably probably maybe no longer maintain the flashy lights of the Razer peripherals or the functionality of the Elite, you simply can’t beat the acquire development and straight forward dash and play functionality that the Easy SMX gives up for only a limited bit dosh.

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