What is the best gaming keyboard in 2020?


The finest gaming keyboard can form the sphere of distinction now not factual to your gaming ride, but your PC ride in customary. Keyboards are a form of peripherals that many watch as factual that: peripheral to the gaming ride. Nonetheless in case you’re pressing those keys day-in, day-out, you’d be drastically surprised how powerful distinction a chuffed keyboard with critical facets can form to your superb of existence. And as soon as you occur to admire what to look out for, getting your hands on a decent one doesn’t contain to burn a gap on your wallet, both.

Whether or now not it’s a full-dimension or compact board, membrane or mechanical switch, full RGB or factual straightforward single-shade backlit, we’ve fastidiously tested every and every gaming keyboard that has crossed our desks to encourage you form a chance. It’s a interesting job, but someone’s received to exercise all day gaming factual to look at them out…

We’ve picked the finest Logitech, Corsair, and Razer keyboards, as successfully a host of alternatives from established, and a few up-and-coming, producers, to encourage you to come to a decision the very fantastic gaming keyboard for your setup. The stylish-or-garden keyboard is an intrinsic phase of the PC gaming ride, it’s even procedure to change into phase of the console ride too, with Microsoft frequently claiming legitimate enhance is coming to Xbox One and One X.

Alongside with a high quality mouse, the gaming keyboard kinds the very fantastic peripheral partnership, one who affords us PC peeps primarily the most licensed and most rapid support watch over machine of any gaming machine available within the market.

It doesn’t topic whether you’re rocking even the finest controller, someone having fun with FPS video games on their PC goes to desire the stage of support watch over you potentially can also fantastic salvage with the classic ol’ WSAD/mouse combo. Nonetheless what makes the final in gaming keyboard supremacy? There are really two colleges of figuring out on that front: mechanical keyboard or non-mechanical switch keyboards.

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The necessary college of figuring out is clearly correct and the 2d woefully misinformed. From there it’s factual a straight up battle over which diversified mech-switch form you dangle.

What’s the finest gaming keyboard in 2020?

The finest gaming keyboard is the Corsair K70 Rapidfire. With a reasonably common feature list by this day’s requirements, it’s the legit salvage and potentially bargain label designate that of course form this Cherry MX Escape mechanical keyboard stand out from the crew.

Corsair K70 Rapidfire

Simplest gaming keyboard

Corsair K70 Rapidfire

What we cherish…

Tick Durable

Tick Volume wheel

Tick Cherry MX key switches

Corsair’s K70 boards are the absolute simplest gaming keyboards we’ve ever used. Since they first launched encourage in 2013 we’ve been large fans, and haven’t seen the relaxation since which has changed our minds. No longer even Corsair’s later boards, cherish the Strafe, or the overly-bling K95 Platinum, contain been ready to repeat the identical mixture of easy industrial form and sheer pleasure to make exercise of.

They contain got improved over the years, however the classic form has remained extra or less the identical since their inception. I’ve picked the Rapidfire edition of the Corsair K70 as the tip board for the reason that gentle contact Cherry MX Escape keys indicate seriously hardcore gamers may perchance perhaps well also salvage a shrimp boost in actuation jog from their button clicks, and the remainder of us don’t must be so heavy-handed (and loud) when we’re gaming or typing. The Escape switches are practically the identical as customary Crimson switches, factual with a shallower actuation level.

Learn our full Corsair K70 Rapidfire overview.

Enormous for customisation

Wooting Two

What we cherish…

Tick Analogue movement

Tick Tricky and legit

Tick Enormous enhance

The Wooting Two is unlike any diversified gaming keyboard currently available within the market – other than the Wooting One underneath, but that’s a given. Below its illuminated keycaps are some of primarily the most improved switches on the market. The Flaretech optical switches enable for whole analogue input and, as soon as you’re used to them, they can form an substantial distinction to your mouse and keyboard PC gaming.

That offers you full support watch over in-sport in every other case restricted to a gamepad and thumb sticks. Nonetheless even analogue efficiency aside, there’s loads integrated to plonk this board amongst the tip gaming keyboards round, equivalent to unbelievable salvage superb, enhance, and utility. And what makes this product the total extra inconceivable is that it’s a shrimp crew that contain brought the Wooting Two the total formula by from humble Kickstarter, beginning with the Wooting One, to what’s sooner than you this day.

Learn our full Wooting Two overview.

Enormous for low-profile

Roccat Vulcan 120

What we cherish…

Tick Tantalizing

Tick Amazing lights

Tick Smartly-constructed

Roccat has performed something now not normally seen within the gaming keyboard market, it’s created something of course odd. From the floating, pseudo chiclet form of the keycaps to working with TTC to salvage the brand new Titan mechanical switch, the Vulcan is a breath of contemporary air available within the market.

And it’s a gigantic board too. The switches aren’t reasonably the identical as a Cherry MX, however the adaptation is so shrimp that the diversified facets of the Vulcan outweigh any gentle concerns we may perchance perhaps well also contain with it. In the US there is fantastic the Vulcan 100 board available within the market, which is a shame because it’s the categorical same keyboard other than with out the wrist relaxation.

Learn our full Roccat Vulcan 120 overview.

Enormous for inflame management

Ducky One2 Horizon

What we cherish…

Tick Constructed cherish a tank

Tick Excessive-superb key caps

Tick Replaceable USB-C cable

When you dangle to contain a gaming keyboard that can perhaps well also continue to exist a hiss hit by a cruise missile then the Ducky One2 is perhaps going to be your simplest bet for submit-apocalyptic PC gaming. I quiz you’ll get one dotted across the West Virginian panorama in Fallout 76.

It’s now not primarily the most aesthetically elegant keyboard round, even supposing it has its have simplistic beauty, and it’s now not primarily the most feature-packed both, on the different hand it’s as true a board as you’ll get. It has double-shot PBT keycaps (with just a few spare within the field) and a double layer PCB to continue to exist the cease of those hyper-aggressive Sad Ops 4 video games. The no-nonsense styling also feels cherish the very fantastic antidote to the slew of over-designed, LED-ridden keyboards that every company appears to be like intent on inflicting on the gaming public.

Learn our full Ducky One2 Horizon overview.

Enormous for tired wrists

Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2

What we cherish…

Tick That wrist relaxation tho

Tick Detachable cable

Tick Macro keys

Razer utilises its have switches in its gaming keyboards. They’ve received green, orange, and yellow switch alternatives, that are extra or less analogous to Cherry MX blue, brown, and silent switches, respectively. The Blackwidow Chroma V.2 is on the market with your need of those three switches. We’ve been the usage of the Razer yellow switches, and so they’re very responsive and stunning smooth when put next to same Cherry MX reds.

The Blackwidow Chroma V.2 facets the identical sunk-in form of the main iteration, leaving the slimmer floating form to the Blackwidow X. Sadly, the Blackwidow mute would now not feature media keys, preferring to integrate these with the feature keys. Despite this one scenario, the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V.2 is an unbelievable keyboard, and the integrated wrist relaxation is merely very suited, making it a gigantic addition to any gamer’s arsenal.

Enormous for longevity

Asus ROG Strix Scope PBT

What we cherish…

Tick Sturdy keycaps

Tick Constructed to last

Tick Cherry MX switches

With some of primarily the most unearthly and very suited keyboards round making this list, the Asus ROG Strix Scope PBT would be figuring out about tame by comparability. Nonetheless it completely’s the materials hiding in straightforward witness that has this sturdy gaming board graduating into the astronomical leagues.

You watch those keycaps are fabricated from PBT, a more challenging plastic than the stuff keycaps are normally made from. The ensuing keycap is stronger, less inclined to glossing over time, and appears and feels extra top class. Since Asus has also opted for Cherry switches and a steel-backed constructing, the Strix Scope PBT will practically completely outlive most of your PC’s formula.

Learn our full Asus ROG Strix Scope PBT overview.

Enormous for stunning


What we cherish…

Tick Upright contain a look at that wrist relaxation

Tick Fascinating centre-key lights

Tick Brushed steel fabricate

And we figuring out the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 had a arresting wrist relaxation… Logitech contain fashioned a truly finest memory foam palm-cuddler and it makes it of course feel equivalent to you’re typing on air, especially with the brand new linear Romer G switches. Though sadly there’s no strive and set up it with the board, which is a anguish.

It’s mute received the identical brushed aluminium stunning we preferred about earlier G413 keyboard, and that affords it an necessary, true look. It makes the keys look cherish they’re floating above the steel surface and aids the RGB appears. It’s superbly engineered and has a extra refined form than most gaming peripherals, which we can’t of course encourage but like. There are no discrete media controls on this board, but Logitech’s utility formula you potentially can also switch the now not continuously ever used feature keys round to favour their secondary feature first.

Learn our full Logitech G513 overview.

Wooting One Analogue Keyboard

Simplest compact gaming keyboard

Wooting One

What we cherish…

Tick Compact

Tick Easy install as a result of detachable cable

Tick Smartly-constructed

The Wooting One isn’t factual a gigantic compact gaming keyboard it’s very as regards to the finest gaming keyboard round. These Flaretech optical switches indicate you potentially can also turn what’s mostly a truly digital controller into an completely analogue machine. Who needs those fiddly Xbox controllers now? The keyboard and mouse combo has factual received even greater.

And so has the Wooting One since its launch. The shrimp crew is consistently listening to user feedback and updating the machine, making it extra usable, alongside with in new facets, and handing over wider compatibility. It’s a gigantic limited keyboard, with a right odd selling level, and true utility too. Made the total extra noteworthy because of its humble Kickstarter beginnings.

Learn our full Wooting One overview.

Enormous for lan events

HyperX Alloy FPS

What we cherish…

Tick Detachable cable

Tick Compact, full keypad form

Tick Comes with slip pouch

There are smaller boards, which omit out the the numpad on the factual, but as a result of the formula the HyperX crew has designed the Alloy FPS its desktop footprint isn’t that powerful bigger than those lower-down keyboards. And for a licensed many gamers missing the numpad is also a right deal-breaker. That makes it a gigantic chance for those craving a extra compact form but don’t necessarily are making an strive to sacrifice keys.

As a compact gaming keyboard it doesn’t contain the discrete media controls I’d normally dangle, as a replacement the usage of modifiers on the feature keys, and HyperX contain made an outlandish different in alongside with a charging port in settle on to a full pass-by records and energy connection. Because it’s, the Alloy FPS mute makes for a gigantic compact gaming keyboard, handing over the total mechanical switch support watch over you’d desire, with practically the total facets of its broader competitors. It’s a gigantic first jog at the board market and proves to contain been successfully price the wait.

gigantic for shrimp desks

Cooler Grasp MasterKeys Pro M

What we cherish…

Tick Dinky

Tick Orderly numpad form

Tick Detachable cable

These RGB LED switches are all successfully and licensed as soon as you occur to dangle to contain to paint a rainbow across your board, but as soon as you occur to’re after the cleanest, brightest, retina-searing white then Cooler Grasp’s MasterKey Pro M has received you covered. This shrimp-scale model also nails the compact form while mute keeping a full numpad.

That can perhaps well also seem cherish some variety of ergonomic voodoo, but Cooler Grasp contain merely ditched the discrete navigation buttons and constructed-in them of their acquainted configuration at some level of the numpad. By virtue of its onboard ARM processor, the Pro M can jog sans drivers to give you with the total complement of on-the-drift macros and lights effects with out having to abet for the OS to steal up. In terms of precise form it’s gigantic-classic but which formula it’s also fuss-free, with a detachable USB cable, true footing and no messing round.

Enormous for comfort

Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2

What we cherish…

Tick Enormous dimension

Tick Wrist relaxation for days

Tick Detachable cable

The Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma V.2 (…phew) follows the identical form because it’s better sibling, other than for the inability of a bunch pad. The all plastic salvage is retained from its predecessor, unlike the very elegant designs of the HyperX and Corsair boards, on the different hand it does supply a need of three mechanical switches – both green, orange or yellow. The switches of course feel gigantic and successfully-made, the backlighting is vibrant, and the wrist relaxation is unbelievable.

With the inability of media keys a limited disappointing, no now not as much as the Razer is incredibly compact in return. It’s a gigantic board, and one who we contain been in particular unhappy about retiring as soon as the subsequent board used to be due for overview.

Logitech G213

Simplest cheap gaming keyboard

Logitech G213

What we cherish…

Tick Excessive-superb membrane

Tick Tag-aware

Tick Media keys

Buying a of course cheap keyboard will leave you on a hiding to nothing. A $20 board is more doubtless to very quickly open to lose efficiency, whether that’s just a few sticky keys or a whole meltdown. It’s normally a bit of of a false financial system. Per chance spending $50 on a gaming keyboard is mute too powerful, however the Logitech G213 Prodigy is a gigantic example of a extra pared encourage form mute offering a lot.

Attributable to the lower label you’re now not getting mechanical switches or a inflexible steel body. As a replacement, you salvage Logitech’s have Mech-Dome switches and a resolutely plastic of course feel. Despite its all-plastic form the G213 is mute stunning mighty. It also comes with a constructed-in wrist relaxation and discrete media controls too. The G213 Prodigy will most definitely be reasonably above what you’d name a budget keyboard, but its mute wise form and true salvage makes it price holding an behold on within the sales especially.

Enormous for new builds

Cooler Grasp MasterKeys Lite L combo

What we cherish…

Tick Excessive-superb membrane

Tick Mouse integrated

There’s a immense sense of price to this Cooler Grasp bundle even though the ambidextrous mouse feels a limited gentle-weight. The keyboard itself comes with a suprisingly efficient pseudo mechanical switch form. Good adequate, even writing down Mem-Chanical makes me are making an strive to vomit everywhere this straightforward, dapper keyboard, but they really of course feel extra mighty and chuffed to make exercise of than a customary membrane switch.

The mouse is a limited bit of an afterthought, with an Avago optical sensor and a maximum DPI of three,500. Nonetheless as soon as you occur to’re purchasing for a decent package that won’t destroy the financial institution the Cooler Grasp’s li’l bundle is successfully price a look.

ErgoDoz EZ

Simplest Fanatic Keyboard

ErgoDox EZ

What we cherish…

Tick Ergonomic

Tick Layering efficiency

Tick Detachable USB-C cable

Ergonomic keyboards deserve a limited extra enjoy within the gaming world, and the ErgoDox EZ is a prime example why. This destroy up ergonomic form now not fantastic helps prevents putrid hand and wrist stress, but its superbly crafted case, removable switch form, and 32 programmable layers all form it one amongst the finest gaming boards within the biz.

This righteous keyboard is one amongst primarily the most versatile we’ve detect, and its utility is fantastic restricted by how deep you dive into its many facets. Obvious, it’s niche, and it’s now not cheap both, but as soon as you occur to dangle to contain something new and spirited, that can completely divulge when it comes to gaming efficiency, you needn’t look powerful extra than the ErgoDoz EZ.

Learn our full ErgoDox EZ overview.

Enormous for typing ride

Topre Realforce R2

What we cherish…

Tick Tantalizing, tender switch

Tick Orderly stunning

Tick High of the vary

The Topre Realforce is technically a membrane keyboard, but hear me out. Each and every individual switch contains a rubber dome over a coiled spring that makes contact with a PCB. Which implies that, all of that inconsistent squishiness from a membrane board is gone, replaced by an actuation and of course feel cherish no diversified on the market.

If it’s endgame you’re after, you potentially can also cease limited greater than the Topre switch: it’s tender, smooth, and an all-round pleasure to form on. And with Fujitsu now donning the licensed distributor title badge within the US, this odd board is now not any longer interesting to advance by. Nonetheless you will mute be paying a whopping gigantic sum to ranking one up – and for that cause, this board is mute enthusiasts-fantastic.

Learn our full Topre Realforce R2 overview

Enormous for wireless

Logitech G915 Wi-fi

What we cherish…

Tick Wi-fi

Tick Pleasing, straightforward form

Tick Low-profile

Logitech don’t cease flashy peripherals. Despite this prestigious gaming producers reputation within the gaming sphere, its latest gadgets are factual as powerful edifying to a professional thunder of business atmosphere as they’re an esports area. That’s why we adore the Logitech G915 wireless. It’s mute, low-profile, and suited to the gaming market impulsively increasing previous the image of dinging basements and junk food.

With wireless connectivity across Lightspeed and Bluetooth, the G915 helps support your desk wise and clean, too. Though that does add a heap of substitute onto the price, which makes this stylish board one amongst primarily the costliest on our list and deserving of the enthusiast be aware. Nonetheless, as soon as you occur to may perchance perhaps well also swallow that, its low-profile GL switches are a dream to form on and a dab hand at gaming, too.

Learn our full Logitech G915 overview.


Irrespective of your budget it’s repeatedly doubtless to hunt down a high quality keyboard that won’t enable you to down while you’re working and gunning round a sport of Rainbow Six: Siege.

And you’ll get a lot to cherish even underneath our simplest gaming keyboard, the Corsair K70 Rapidfire. That doesn’t contain to indicate picking up a budget mechanical keyboard factual for the sake of it, both. A successfully-constructed mechanical is unquestionably the finest gaming controller available within the market, however the Logitech G213 comes out prime for budget gaming keyboards, and that’s for the reason that superb of this membrane board factual can’t be matched by the relaxation else in its label vary.

When you potentially can also contain the budget for something a limited extra mechanical, on the different hand, it’s money successfully spent in our eyes. The distinctive Corsair K70 is one amongst our popular all-round keyboards. It’s true, successfully-designed, packed to the brim with facets, and its Cherry-made switches are a tried and tested formula that is identified globally for reliability.

There’s also the Wooting One for gamers who desire some a limited extra compact. The tenkeyless form of this board cuts down on the pointless extras and as a replacement specializes in a form that enables for maximum mouse movement and is easy to raise round. No longer fantastic shrimp, on the different hand, the Wooting also affords analogue switches, taking into consideration a keyboard with odd efficiency you won’t get in diversified areas.

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